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That's me done then after 7 (nearly) years... Cannot quite believe it.

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bigmouthstrikesagain Fri 24-Jun-11 10:09:22

DD2 had her last breast feed last wednesday so we have gone over a week - I can't see us re-starting now (she is 2 1/2 yo). I feel liberated but slightly wistful, I really needed to stop though and probably would have done sooner if she had not been so insistent on continuing. It certainly was not for my benefit.

Still 7 years of breastfeeding (apart from a short hiatus of 3 months between stopping feeding dd1 and dd2 being born)I never in my wildest imaginings thought that would happen!

Just needed to get this off my chest (har har)

LaCiccolina Fri 24-Jun-11 10:34:10

Good heavens! Im speechless. I realise its over a couple of kids but wow, you are right to be proud of that! :0)

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Fri 24-Jun-11 10:39:35

Well done you! I am looking forward to, but also dreading The End. Been just over 5 years now, with a few months gap. DS is one next month and DS2 kept going 'til 18m, but I think me being pregnant put him off going any longer. I expect DS3 will be the same, so only about6m left smilesad

TimeWasting Fri 24-Jun-11 10:41:34

Well done! I'm having a break before DC2 right now and it feels odd to not be feeding after 3 years, after 7 years you're a whole new person!

Are you going to go out and get wasted? grin

bigmouthstrikesagain Fri 24-Jun-11 10:43:59

actually 3 kids ds1 is soon to be 7 - but thank you LaCiccolina smile - dd2 is now sitting on my knee patting my chest and informing me I have my 'boobies on' as she has been told all week that boob milk has 'gone away' but has been easily distracted by a toy fire engine, she still shoves her hand down my top but is no longer too distressed by my polite but firm refusals.

bigmouthstrikesagain Fri 24-Jun-11 10:47:14

Got wasted at the weekend actually Time grin - as dh and I went away for my 37th birthday and stayed at a hotel and went to bars together and everything (which precipitated my decision to stop feeding dd entirely last week). We were down to last thing at night and some early morning feeds by then anyway so it seemed a good time to end things.

LeninGrad Fri 24-Jun-11 10:49:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cosmosis Fri 24-Jun-11 10:52:46

well done grin

Alibabaandthe80nappies Fri 24-Jun-11 10:53:29

Oh well done smile

I fed DS1 for 2 years, then I had 7 months break while I was pregnant with DS2 who is 3 months and a total milk monster. Hoping he will feed until he's 2 as well.

DS1 tried to latch on this morning after not feeding for the best part of a year, which was a surprise! I just explained that the 'mik-mok' was for DS2 now and he was fine about it, I'm sure he will have lost his latch anyway and I don't fancy being chewed!

bigmouthstrikesagain Fri 24-Jun-11 10:57:28

You will get there Lenin - I remember dd1 and dd2 upping their demands around 2 and it only got managable again around 2 1/2 - but it is always a mixed blessing - when I was wrestling with a grabby 2 yo old at 4am I hated bf with a passion... then when I had a peaceful 2yo cradled in my arms and asleep after a short feed at 7.30pm it was lovely.

TimeWasting Fri 24-Jun-11 10:58:54

Bigmouth, sounds fabulous! grin

Ali, I'm wondering how DS is going to react when I start feeding DC2. It's been about three months and he still pats them a lot. Aw.

LeninGrad Fri 24-Jun-11 11:39:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TotallyUtterlyDesperate Fri 24-Jun-11 11:57:57

I still feel a bit wistful even now - loved my bf days all those years ago. The DSs are now 18 and 21! smile

mumtoaandj Fri 24-Jun-11 12:18:46

i am nearly 5 years breastfeeding-ds1(4.10) and ds2 (21 months)

Alibabaandthe80nappies Fri 24-Jun-11 12:23:08

Wasting - it is the cutest thing when they do that smile DS1 has actually been brilliant, he comes and sits next to me when I'm feeding and rests his head on the same boob that DS2 is feeding from (good job I have ginormo-boobs hmm), which is fine now but was agony in the first few weeks!
He is still very attached to my boobs, he likes to cuddle me and put his head on them, and when he comes into our bed in the morning for cuddles he lies as he used to for BFing smile

TimeWasting Fri 24-Jun-11 12:28:52

Awww. smile

bigmouthstrikesagain Fri 24-Jun-11 13:09:51

That is lovely Alibaba

dd2 crept into bed this am (as is her habit) and snuggled in while patting my boobs and saying 'beautiful' - which is nice, as when I look at them and think 'veiny, saggy, large'.

but no regrets....

Alibabaandthe80nappies Fri 24-Jun-11 13:12:46

smile toddler pats are just gorgeous. It is a precious time, BFing your babies, and I'm really glad for you that it has ended happily.

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