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Worried- nursing strike by a 7 month old

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Sistermoondance Thu 23-Jun-11 18:28:03

I have been ebf my dd for 7 months now ad aside from some biting issues when she was cutting her teeth, it has all gone very well and I was hoping to continue more or less ebf until she was 9 months and about to start nursery.

However in the last few days she has been very reluctant to feed- waiting till she is really really grumpy or else taking a few sips and refusing more. She currently eats about 1/2 weetabix and a little pureed fruit for breakfast and some veggies (and sometimes a little cheese or chicken) for lunch. And if there is time and she is not too grumpy I give her a natural petit filou and a little more fruit for tea. She has water from a sippy cup with meals but prob spits out more than she drinks :-s

I am now so worried she'll get dehydrated and / or not get enough nutrients (she is only dinky bless her, anyway) because she will not take a bottle. I have tried giving her milk in a sippy cup and doidy cup but she only actually drinks about 50ml if I am lucky which just isn't enough!

Any ideas- what can I do? I am getting really worried about her

sungirltan Fri 24-Jun-11 11:10:27

can i ask when you started weaning? have the bf been dropping off since then?

anything untoward inside her mouth?

is she eating the food ok?

some babies cling on for dear life to their bf. some discard them quite happily. i had a hard time getting any fluid into dd around this age too. eventually she owuld drink water from a breast flow bottle and nothing else.

Sistermoondance Fri 24-Jun-11 11:45:13

Thanks for answering. I started weaning her about 5 1/2 months when her first two teeth came through and she was biting me (but not off bfing). She does have her fourth tooth coming through right now- but she didn't go off bfing when her other top front tooth came through..

She eats pretty well, but I am more worried about hydration as although she does drink water from a cup- she doesn't actually swallow much of it. I am a bit worried as I heard babies should get most of their nutrition from milk until they are 1- so even if she eats ok- this may not give her enough of the right things.

sungirltan Fri 24-Jun-11 12:15:09

the bf will go up and down. yes this is true in theory about nurtrition from milk but babies are contrary and cannot follow guidelines he he! if you are worried about calcium etc stick with the yoghurt and cheese in her diet. keep trying with the water and offer it as often as you can. if she seems well in herself and isnt showing signs of dehydration (floppy and drowsy afaik but check with HCP) then she's probably ok. give it time she will ocme back to the bf

TheRealMBJ Fri 24-Jun-11 13:53:44

Hmm... It might be worth having her checked out by the GP, it could be earache or a sore throat etc

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