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Help! Confused with opinions on 8 wk old formula options!!

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MissHodson Wed 22-Jun-11 09:51:23

My little boy is nearly 8 weeks old... unfortunately I had to stop breast feeding after 3 weeks which I have been really upset about. I put him on Aptimal 1 initially, he was a little constipated and I have to do a number of things to help him along (baths, reflexology, cool boiled water, kick with no nappy etc)... he was feeding every 2 hours and constantly sick (it was coming out his nose as well which was horrible)... he has terrible wind and was really unsettled all the time... I found about hungry baby milk and since it said it was from newborn and since I seem to have a really hungry little boy... I made the switch.... since then he feeds every 4-5 hours like clockwork and has been sleeping 5 hours through the night, he only has a bit of wind after feeds and overall is a lot more settled.... the only problem is his constipation has stepped up a gear and although he is actually going every 24-36 hours, it seems to be a real ordeal for him... I spoke to my health visitor and she made me feel like the worlds worst Mum! She asked on whose 'authority' I had switched him to hungry baby milk and that basically it was better for him to be crying all the time and full of wind and for him to be unsettled and feeding every 2 hours than to be overall more settled with constipation.... The Dr has told me to switch brands and go back to stage 1 milk, but I just don't feel like this is the right thing to do? Jack seems so much happier now, on stage 1 milk there were 3 or 4 things to contend with whereas now there is just 1 - the constipation (and he was constipated on stage 1 milk anyway, I find it hard to believe that switching brands will make any difference to that?) I feel like I'm going round in circles.... if I could find a solution to help move things along with his pooing then everything would be great! Does anyone have any ideas? I've been told prune juice and also the health advisor mentioned orange juice (diluted) but I just need to hear if anyone else has had problems like this and how they have fixed it? I don't want to just keep jumping from one milk to the next backwards and forwards as worried it'll just make things worse! Thank you! :-)

lilham Wed 22-Jun-11 10:03:06

I think (but don't quote me) the hungry baby milk is harder to digest so it makes the baby go longer before she asks for milk again. That's probably why both the doc and the hv wants you back on stage 1. Also stage 1 is the only formula that mimics breast milk and unless there's a strong reason, it should be the one you use. I think following the docs suggestion and changing brand might be a better idea?

RitaMorgan Wed 22-Jun-11 10:27:24

lilham is right - Hungry Baby is made using a different protein I think which is harder to digest and sits in the baby's stomach longer, making them feel full. This might be causing the constipation.

It might be worth switching brands - Aptimil and Cow&Gate are pretty much the same though so maybe try the first milk of another brand.

Does he have a dummy? If he was feeding often and taking too much and making himself sick, maybe it was because he wanted to comfort suck?

Seona1973 Wed 22-Jun-11 12:41:30

some of the comfort milks are supposed to help with constipation - I think both cow and gate and aptamil do them.

LaCiccolina Wed 22-Jun-11 13:11:35

Switching brands can help. I dont FF but most of my mates do. 3 of whom had windy & constipation issues. Also all changed bottle brands and this appeared to help too. All started on Avent but moved to either Tommy tippee or Dr Browns. All started on Cow & gate and have now moved to SMA and Aptimil. Success on all 3.i Its probably down to your own individual baby unfortunately....

A little brown sugar in some cooled boiled water in a bottle will clean his pipes safely. Not a lot required for it to work, tablespoon approx of water. Then stand well back....

Regarding hungry baby milk, read the brand website. If your comfortable with it stick with it.

8 wks - could be colic rather than a milk issue so you may also find it sorts itself out by another few weeks.....Sorry this last point possibly isnt much comfort to you I expect :0(

fiorentina Wed 22-Jun-11 13:52:46

We had a similar problem with my DS when I stopped expressing at 8 weeks. He was having aptamil and we switched to Hipp which helped him. No more constipation, he now goes regularly and doesn't appear in pain. May be worth trying other brands.

Gymdodger Wed 22-Jun-11 20:26:41

Hi Have you tried baby massage?? DS had a few problems (colicky/windy etc) & massage especially on his tummy & back really helped him - just went to a normal baby massage class HV should be able to point you in the right direction if you cant find any

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