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Is DS (6.5 mo) eating/drinking enough?

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Miffster Tue 21-Jun-11 19:10:22

DS is coming up for 28 weeks, he is a big, strong, very physical lad, crawls lots and loves his food. We are doing a mix of BLW and puree as he likes grabbing spoon and eating puree as well as using his mitten-like grab to pick up and gum/chew finger food. He started with mush at 23 weeks as was showing all developmental signs of readiness.

He has 2 meals of solids a day plus BFs on demand, about every 4 hours.

But he's very distractible - less and less interested in BF-ing during day and will only really BF properly when swaddled, on a BF cushion, when sleepy and getting ready for nap or just woken from nap.

A typical day/night goes like this:

4.30am: Get into our bed and BF for about 20 mins, then snack on and off. Stays in bed until we all get up (because I can't be arsed to stay awake to put him back in his bed at this ungodly hour)

6.00am: Get up and play (we get up early)

8.30am: BF for about 20 mins and then nap til 10.00am ish. (1.5 hour nap)

10.30am: Quick BF ( sucks for a few mins to quench thirst) then has solids - something like mashed avocado (about -2 or 3 dessert spoons full) mixed with EBM and something else, like pureed mango or carrot. Plus a crust of toasted brown pitta bread or a slice of pear.
Followed by BF being offered, plus sips of water from beaker with spout.

Plays on floor with me and his toys (he is crawling. A lot.)

12.00pm: Big BF followed by nap 2 (about 1 hour). BF offered on waking, quick suck to quench thirst then wants to get up

2.30pm: Second lot of solids - say, third of a mashed banana with rice cereal and EBM, then finger food like stick of cheddar, steamed broccoli floret/slice of mango/sticks of steamed carrot/raw cucumber which he gnaws enthusiastically. BF offered afterwards.

More playing and crawling. Water and BF offered, water chucked about, BF declined.

4.30pm: Another decent BF then swim/bath til 6.30pm
6.30-7.15pm: Big pre-bedtime BF and falls asleep (after being jiggled and shushed for anything from 15 mins - to an hour if we are unlucky). Is put in his cot next to our bed.

At some point between 10.30pm- 12.00pm: Gets into bed and has a big BF, then is put back into bedside cot

Sorry long post.
Am I doing this right? Is he eating enough? Is he doing most of his drinkign at night and is this bad?

Help! Thanks

girlscout Wed 22-Jun-11 07:15:03

You said he's a strong lad and he seems to be getting a good mix of activity and fuel. Dont think you are doing anything bad,though as a newish mum you will be prone tobesuper critical but dont worry. Your normal and ok.

That said you might look to less stimulation and reduce the amount of night feeds , baby may be coming in for routine and comfort when it might be practical for the house if he slept in his bed for longer periods during the night.

Mind you hes 6 months only, hopefully some new mums will be on soon to talk to you smile

TooManyBrownies Wed 22-Jun-11 07:25:10

Sure he's getting enough otherwise you would know by the way he behaves. However, it is hard going on you.... With my (big and hungry) DS2 o quickly put him to 3 meals....
Wake up and bf
Mid morning bf
Mid aft bf
Pre bed bf

Offer water with meals.
Will feel like a conveyer belt of food for a while but then he'll prob start dropping mid morn/aft bf.

CamperFan Wed 22-Jun-11 07:45:33

Sounds very much like what my DS2 has at 8 months, though he has more complex, probably slightly bigger meals and his are at more conventional lunch and tea times to fit in with rest of family. He goes down at 7 no problem and at the moment we are down to one feed at about 4.30am (that said he had an extra one at 10.30 last night, probably could have got DHto settle him but he was working). I worried at 6 months that he wasn't getting enough, but clearly he is. Sounds like you're doing a fab job.

Miffster Wed 22-Jun-11 18:31:21

Thanks for the reasurrance.
I enjoy watching his delight in food but it is a lot of extra work, withthe prep, the mess, the cleaning of the stupid high chair, which gets food in every crevice, cleaning the floor and kitchen area each time he eats (the aftermath clean-up takes about 25 minutes)...At least with BF-ing I get to sit down!
Although I would like it if he didn;t want to get in our bed quite so much at night!

TooManyBrownies Wed 22-Jun-11 18:56:24

Get a dustbuster! Great for highchair and floor. Get a decent powerful one tho as some are crap.

Miffster Wed 22-Jun-11 21:43:04

That is a very cunning idea. smile

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