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Stopped BF but period not started, DS now 17 mths!

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Banto Sat 18-Jun-11 22:09:34

Wasnt sure where to start this thread. But my period has not started since I fell pregnant. I was told it was because I BF, but everyone else I know who BF there period restarted after dropping a few feeds. Is this normal?

AngelDog Sat 18-Jun-11 22:34:15

14 months is the average if you're still bf'ing. I've heard a range from 6 weeks to 31 months for people who are still feeding. Mine haven't returned yet at 18 months although DS still feeds quite a lot.

How long is it since you stopped?

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 19-Jun-11 09:04:24

Yes, how long is it since you stopped Banto?

pyjamalover Sun 19-Jun-11 10:25:52

you're not pregnant again are you?!

Banto Mon 04-Jul-11 11:00:43

haha...defo not pregant!! I am down to one feed a day now at six in the monthly when the grizzly bear will not let up!

Banto Mon 04-Jul-11 16:59:43

meant to say six in the morning! Had a very wakeful night due to DS deciding that he was way too hot and required a fan on!!

Banto Fri 26-Aug-11 21:20:06

Been a while but I am back on the blob!!

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