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Clicking sound when breast feeding - even though latch seems correct.

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misshoohaa Fri 17-Jun-11 23:30:03

Hi all DS1 is latching on well it seems, only day 4 but he seems to be going well between feeds and milk coming in strong. My only concern is even though he appears to have latched on well we still get a clicking sound on both sides. I know this is usually a sign an incorrect latch but wondered if anyone had any advice over whether sometimes there is clicking on a decent latch. It does seem to have got worse since me milks come in.

mercibucket Fri 17-Jun-11 23:40:22

can also be a sign of tongue tie - ask the midwife to have a quick look

misshoohaa Sat 18-Jun-11 01:54:12

Thanks Merci, shall do. Up again! smile

Caz10 Sat 18-Jun-11 09:49:46

Hi! My dd2 is still doing this at 5wks, despite also seeming to have a good latch, and she is piling on 8-12oz a week. I searched on here and found quite a few threads with people saying the same. Like everything else re bf I think it's best to get checked in rl- do you have a bfn or lll group near you? Your hv may not be the best advised unfortunately

Yorkstar Sat 18-Jun-11 10:47:43

We have this too, dd is 7 weeks and has been clicking since birth. Like you ds, she originally had a good latch and a strong sucking but as she is getting bigger it is getting worse and she is now coming off the breast a lot as well as still clicking, It's drriving me mad. Several health visitors have said it's normal and are not concerned as she is putting on plenty of weight but i saw a breastfeeding councellor (sp?) this week who thinks my dd has tongue tie. I have an appointment with my gp on monday and am hoping to get referred to a specialist. Also like you OP, the clicking is worse when my milk comes in.

lilham Sat 18-Jun-11 12:09:52

My DD is 12wk and clicks about half the time. She is a very efficient feeder starting at 15min a feed to 5min now. She is also following her centile in the growth chart. I think if you aren't in pain and your DC is thriving and feeds aren't ridiculously long, you shouldnt worry?

Ineedcake Sat 18-Jun-11 12:15:57

My son used to do this especially at the start of a feed as my let-down was a bit too fast for him. There's some good info here too:

Ineedcake Sat 18-Jun-11 12:16:33

Woops here's the link again:

VictoriaMc77 Sat 18-Jun-11 13:11:35

Hi I had probs with my 10 week old DS clicking when feeding. I've been to various bf groups etc and spoken to HVs and all have differing opinions!! My advice is if you're not sore, baby is gaining good weight and seems happy most of the time I wouldn't worry too much. Sometimes I think going by your own instinct as to whether baby is feeding okay and not trying to fix something that isn't broken is a good way forward. That's the attitude I've taken anyway!! In my case I have a strong let down so think the clicking is caused by DS trying to cope with the volume of milk.

Yorkstar Sat 18-Jun-11 13:24:15

That article is really interesting ineed, my dd constantly comes off the breast too though. Im definately with you Victoria with the whole 'if it's not broke...' but im also concerned that if we don't have it looked at shortly then there may be problems later down the road with speech development. Don't know if it relates but my dd also refuses a bottle - on the rare occasions when she does attempt to latch on, she can't seem to do it. I wondered again if this was possibly related to tongue tie?

shuckleberryfinn Sat 18-Jun-11 16:56:18

My little girl does this on the let down too. It doesn't hurt and my nipples are no worse for it. Had the infant feeding co-ordinator take a look, she reckons she's just breaking the suction when the flow is a bit fast. If it doesn't hurt and baby's growing then there's probably nothing to worry about.

misshoohaa Mon 04-Jul-11 02:01:21

Thanks for the messages and sorry for not posting sooner! That Kelly mom link was interesting reading and that combined with some other bits I've been reading have made me think he might have thrush.
His tongue is constantly White, not a super thick coating but a thin layer of White that gets thicker after a feed and he has a White spot at roof of mouth.
He often shakes his head during a feed and won't latch on, although a few times this has been resolved by a big burp/fart.
His digestion is sometimes really loud & u can hear his gut digesting the milk mid feed.

My left side I'd moderately sore during a feed and I'm starting to move him onto the right sooner than I should as it's getting quite uncomfy, the click is noticeably worse this side.

He also has a big blister on the inside of his lip, this has been there since birth and was originally disregarded by the midwife but I'm wondering if it is painful for him. It's quite big and looks almost like an extension of his lip.

Who would be best to look at these things? The gp surgery I'm with has never been overwhelmingly helpful and i would expect them to be rather unhelpful about the blister thing. The HV saw it and said to get it checked out, was very nice but didn't seem to be able to diagnose or treat the thrush or the blister thing?

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