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Switching formulas - reactions in the nappy department

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yawningmummy Fri 17-Jun-11 21:01:46

DS#2 is 9 months and a quite a hefty lad, 11.5kgs. He has been drinking 3 8oz bottles, happily eats 3 meals a day and snacks and drinks water and fresh fruit, but about 6 weeks ago became slightly constipated, still passing stools but not real humdingers like we use to get. Then we had 2 weeks of up at 3 til 6.30 and would only settle if I gave him a bottle clearly he was starving. (He had been sleeping through the night since about 6 months when we moved from BF to FF)

So I switched from Aptamil 1 to Aptamil hungry baby and it is like he has never pooed in his life - has this happened to anyone else? is this a side effect of hungry baby milk? or does he potentially just have a bug. And weirdly (I appreciate this maybe TMI) they stink of fish, or is that just me? confused

nannyl Fri 17-Jun-11 21:36:40

yes, its well known that hungry baby milk can make children constipated.

perhaps give him that in the evening so he sleeps, and normal aptimal in the day?

DialMforMummy Fri 17-Jun-11 22:10:57

If he is weaned, shouldn't he be on Aptamil 3? Aptamil 2 hungry baby is meant to be up till weaning, isn't it? Maybe this could be an explanation?

nannyl Fri 17-Jun-11 22:29:34

DailMformummy. No 1st and 2nd (hungry baby) stage milks are both suitable from birth until cows milk.

They only invented stage 3 (known as follow on milk) so they could legally advertise their brand.

Its illegal to advertise milk for tiny babies, so they invent this milk thats only for children over 6months to get around the law.

and then they make parents worry that their babies wont have enough iron. Of course if fed a varied balanced diet, they will not be deficient in iron, or anything else either

DialMforMummy Fri 17-Jun-11 22:51:57

Ah! I didn't know that. Are these formulas different though? Or is it just the box?

yawningmummy Fri 24-Jun-11 12:45:32

Yup I agree with Nannyl all follow on milks are just a con. Things seemed to have improved in the nappy department, now if only he would go back to sleeping through the night... Wishful thinking. smile

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