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When is it time to change teat?

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Whenisitmysleepytime Fri 17-Jun-11 15:11:43

Dd is 8 weeks and I'm wondering if she needs faster teats. She can take forever ti finish a bottle and often falls asleep only to wake up hungry again.

How do you know they're ready?

MrsBradleyCooper Fri 17-Jun-11 18:18:38

You can always try it and see. If she starts gagging or spluttering then it is probably too fast and you can change back down.

What number teat are you on?

Midwives/health visitor suggested to my friend to start off on a 2 and skip 1 altogether.

Whenisitmysleepytime Fri 17-Jun-11 20:40:13

We're on tommee tippee stage 1. It's just taken 55 mins to drink a 6oz bottle that she was definitely hungry for.

Would it help with wind it make it worse?
She is SO grunty and colicy I dint want to make it worse.

MrsBradleyCooper Fri 17-Jun-11 21:10:45

It might make it better actually.

With a smaller teat they need to suck harder to get the milk which can lead to them getting more air in their tummies.

I'd say it's worth a try?

sweetuphoria Fri 17-Jun-11 21:20:30

Also it depends in which formula she's on because some are thicker than others so she may need the bigger teat earlier.

From what you said sounds like she may be ready for the next size.

minibmw2010 Sat 18-Jun-11 02:04:02

DS is only 4 weeks but I have just bought the Tommee Tippee stage 2 teat for him as the stage 1 was clearly making him exhausted and not giving him enough food quickly enough (we use SMA). I also bought a Nuk teat on recommendation but that is definitely still too fast for him so I will keep that in reserve for later.

Whenisitmysleepytime Sun 19-Jun-11 09:45:11

Well we tried them from yesterday afternoon and she is definitely drinking faster, without choking(!), and seems to be having a bit more.
I'm hoping she'll go from little and often to a average size bottle slightly less often! Would do wonders for my sanity knowing there was more than 1h between feeds!

sarahloula Sun 19-Jun-11 15:35:48

I am using Tomme Tippee bottles and you can buy vari flow teats rather than number 1s for 0-3 months, you could try those-we bought them from the supermarket.

Whenisitmysleepytime Sun 19-Jun-11 20:53:50

We're doing ok on them although she's done two massive projectile vomits but think that's due to over eating.
I've no idea how the vary flow work. Do you?

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