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14 week old diagnosed with breast milk colitis

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fatarse Fri 17-Jun-11 08:23:45

to cut a long story short, my DD2 has just been diagnosed with Colitis from a reaction to something in my milk after 1 month of dodgy poo with occasional tiny flecks of blood & lots of mucus. Have cut dairy about 2.5 weeks ago and cut all other major allergens about 1 week ago but seeing no improvement. I really dont understand what's causing it as am on v restricted diet now. Consultant wants to put her on neocate hypoallergenic formula and says that benefit of me feeding after 3 months is negligible (is it just me or do all male consultants have a sceptical aproach to benefits of BF?) but I'm reluctant to stop feeding her as if I can remove the cause from BM then I think she still gets best I can give her. Does anyone have any advice for me? Feeling quite low currently, just want to do the right thing for my bub but she isn't getting better despite the diet changes and now I'm scared that I am just making her worse :-(

CamperFan Fri 17-Jun-11 10:53:40

Just bumping for you, I don't have any advice, but poor you and your DD2.

flickor Fri 17-Jun-11 11:02:44

You need to speak to a breastfeeding advisor asap. Here is the number for the breastfeeding help line
0300 100 0212.
BF is the best for your baby as it contains everything you baby needs and also gives her antibodies. If your DD is suffering from allergies then BF will help her. Please call this number - there must be a breastfeeding advisor in your area - get her to call the consultant.
By the way give this link to your consultant These people pay his wages pehaps he should follow their advice. Sorry just gets me a bit hot under the collar

TheRealMBJ Fri 17-Jun-11 11:10:14

Hmmm.. This sounds well dodgy. I am medically trained (although not in paeds nor am I currently practising as a doctor) and when medics start spouting misinformation such as 'benefits of feeding after 3 months are negligible' I start to worry about their level of understanding. if they don't know what it is that is causing the colitis, it may very well have nothing to do with your baby's diet.

Is your DD2 exclusively breastfed?

Is there a lactation consultant (IBCLC) in your area? Ring the helpline. Don't feel forced to change your baby's diet until you are absolutely convinced that it is necessary.

sc2987 Fri 17-Jun-11 14:02:42

What a bunch of b*llocks. The first three months are of course the most beneficial per month (e.g. more so than the three months from 9-12 months) but benefits accrue right up until their immune systems mature, at 6-7 years!

A week or two might not be long enough to see results, sometimes it takes longer. Could you plan a proper elimination diet so you can identify the specific culprit (if there even is one), as it may not be one of the common allergens (or more than one)?

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