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Please give me some advice, I am in pain.

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PrisonerZero Wed 15-Jun-11 16:03:03

Ds is 3 days old and being breastfed on demand, currently about every hour or so.

He feeds for about 20 minutes a time and the midwife says he is very good at sucking and is doing well. His nappies are typically breast fed baby type nappies, yellow with occassional stringy bits and very frequent - usually everytime I am feeding him.

I think my milk has come in properly today - I am very uncomfortable on on side in particular, the breast is swollen and seems hard and heavy on the armpit side, I feel like its not emptying that particular bit when I am feeding him so I tried holding him rugby style to see if the different position would help but no such luck. It feels very hot too, I thought my bra might be sitting in an odd position and preventing it from empting properly but seems to be ok. Is this feeling normal when your milk is coming in?

Also I am in pain when he first latches on - the midwife said he has a good latch, I can't see any big cracks, but I thought I saw a small amount of blood earlier. The pain does ease as he starts sucking but doesn't go away. Have been using nipple cream, and the midwife said its just a case of my nipples toughening up. It feels like someone is stabbing my breast with a hot needle though, sometimes through the nipple or sometimes through the side.

And finally... My mil thinks he may be colicky - he does have all the symptoms, he cried constantly from 7pm last night until 8am this morning, only pausing for feeds and to burp or dribble sick. I am exhausted, I havent slept since I had him as he seems to have his days and nights mixed up (DP is helping, doing the cooking etc but has a chest infection and feels very unwell himself so has taken the sofa whilst I have the bed) My poor newborn seems really uncomfortable and exhausted, I have been giving him infacol before feeds - is there anything else I can give him? I don't think I am winding him effectivily but am trying my best, any tips?

I think I over stimulated him yesterday as got very excited about showing him off to family and friends and of course everyone wanted a hold etc, he was in and out of the car all day and very unsettled, so we have been hiding in the bedroom all day today cuddling and feeding, it is lovely - apart from the pain.

I would be grateful for any advice you may have, I need DS to sleep I am exhausted and its horrible to hear him crying.

winnybella Wed 15-Jun-11 16:10:28

Ok, first milk coming in- yes, certain discomfort is not to be avoided. Try massaging the sore bits, applyinh hot compress, hot shower on breat and massage...some people swear by cabbage leaves...

Re; nipple pain- I had no problems with DS, but with DD it was a toe-curling agony for first few weeks. She latched on and ate well but later I found out she had a small tongue tie (not big enough to do anything about it). Anyhow pain was gone within a few weeks. Get him checked for tongue-tie, perhaps. Loads of Lansinoh.

I found that the second and third night are often like that, first day or so the baby's not really 'awake' yet and then they go a little bit crazy for few nights. It will settle soon, don't worry.

kimberlina Wed 15-Jun-11 16:11:00

I'm not an expert but thought I'd answer until someone more knowledgable is along.

1. Hard bit on breast sounds like a blocked duck - get a warm flannel and hold on that area before feeding, then stroke and massage down as you feed. If that doesnt work try massaging in the bath or under a hot shower.

2. Get lanisoh for sore nipples. Maybe try and get a peer support of bfing counsellor to check latach as MWs dont always get it right.

3. Night/day confusion v common. Try to nap in the day - get MIL or a friend to entertain DS for a bit. You need some rest too. It will come right over next week or so but for now you need to rest when you can.

Hope that helps a little.

Whenisitmysleepytime Wed 15-Jun-11 16:13:06

Both of my dc had Tongue ties and that felt like a hot needle going right through me coupled with a chomping sensation when they fed.
Get it checked! It's dead easy to divide and most people get immediate relief but some (2-3%) reattach which is what my dc did. hmm

friendcat Wed 15-Jun-11 16:15:47

Needle-like breast pain sounds thrushy to me. You could ask your midwife to check for thrush. Hard lump though, just keep feeding, it can only get better, Hope you can persevere!

friendcat Wed 15-Jun-11 16:20:38

Also, get DP to take DS out for a walk so you can get some sleep, I presume he's on pat leave? Chest infection or not!

japhrimel Wed 15-Jun-11 20:20:25

He's 3 days old. The world is a big scary confusing place. So babies can cry a lot. Colic wouldn't be diagnosed at this age as getting upset is so normal, especially with overstimulation. Try to have more chill-out time at home and keep him on you or your partner as much as possible - a sling can be great for this.

Also, colic is more than just wind fwiw.

TBH I really wouldn't be pushing medications, even infacol, on a baby this tiny unless essential. If he's getting windy, maybe get more help on latch and position - go to a few clinics or see a BFC, not just a MW. And try the sling or carrying baby face down along your arm (think this is called Sleeping Tiger in the Tree pose). Babies love it and it helps tummy ache.

It does sound you might be getting engorged and possibly getting blocked ducts. Use heat and massage before feeds and cold afterwards. I found the breast nurse gel pads great in the early days - one would be waiting in the fridge and the other would be heated to put on the lumpy boob of the day before a feed. Ibuprofen can also help.

Letdown can hurt at first, but this eases. It could be thrush, especially if you've had any antibiotics, so do ask about it, but you'd expect pain, tingling or itching in between feeds and possibly shiny pink nipples and/or white patches in baby's mouth as well with thrush.

Yesmynameis Thu 16-Jun-11 13:13:49

Might be worth ditching the bra altogether while you're feeding if you can; just in case it is preventing the breast from properly draining on that side. When my milk came in I had huge lumps going all the way up into my armpit, it's amazing how far up and back the breast tissue actually goes.
Massaging the lumpy sore area from the top and down towards the nipple will help, especially when feeding, use your hands to express whatever you can to get relief. Warm shower and warm flannel placed on the sore area will help too.
Some discomfort, sore and lumpy breasts is very normal, however if you start to feel unwell in yourself, such as temperature or flu-y symptoms get in contact with midwife.
Good move in taking to your bedroom and ditching the visitors for the time being. :-)
How are you winding him? Have you tried him over your shoulder

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