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Is it teething, wind or something more..........

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Roxy33 Mon 13-Jun-11 19:00:28

DD is 3 months old and over the last two days has been very upset in the afternoons and evening. She has been feeding fairly well during the day from the breast, about the same number of feeds that we normally have however the last two night time feeds she gets very upset, won't suck on the bottle at all (last feed is part breast milk part formula) which is very out of character. She's been putting her hands to her head for a few days now (before the fussiness started) but has started to put her fingers in her ears. Recently she has become more gassy and farts like a man. At the moment we can only relax her by holding upright in our arms until she exhausts herself and collapses into bed. She has slept a lot today. I just tried to offer her the bottle and she just cried and refused it. We thought it might be teething, colic or ear ache..........poor little mite, she also just had her immunisation shots on top of it all ;-) Any advice greatly received, we are getting a little bit worried.

mamsnet Mon 13-Jun-11 19:02:47

I'd have her ears checked tbh. If not she's probably teething.

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