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BFing 'regression'??

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nomoremagnolia Mon 13-Jun-11 10:24:40

DS is 8mo and teething. He's totally off his solids (will only eat fromage frais and fruit purees, usually chomps on everything and anything BLW style) and he's been BFing like crazy the past few days. My supply has increased massively too and I was so uncomfortable last night I was considering getting the pump out to relieve my boobs. Just looking for reassurance that this is normal please (and that he'll come out of it again)

ShowOfHands Mon 13-Jun-11 10:25:46

Utterly normal. When teething or under the weather, dd reverted to newborn feeding behaviour.

nomoremagnolia Mon 13-Jun-11 10:31:03

So he'll go back to solids without fuss? Getting him onto solids was hard work, I was worrying we'd be back to square one.
I was pleased to see that at 8mo my body can still respond quickly to his increased demand though [proud of my clever boobs]

ShowOfHands Mon 13-Jun-11 11:16:57

Obviously I can't guarantee it but I'd hazard a good guess at yes. grin

At 8 months bm is still the bulk of nutrients/calories anyway, so you mustn't worry too much about him still preferring milk. DD certainly did. She had several periods of going back to milk. Usually when ill or teething and she always went back to solids with the same level of interest as before.

BF is inordinately comforting when teething and used to comfort dd in a way teething rings, bonjela and teething powders couldn't. In a way it was a relief that something worked. It also amazed me how well my body would adapt to it. Even at 18 months or 2.5yrs, if she reverted to feeding lots, my body responded very quickly indeed. Quite clever isn't it?

EauRouge Mon 13-Jun-11 11:31:36

2.8yo DD1 had a major regression when DD2 was born and went back to EBF for a few weeks, but is totally back to normal now. I wouldn't worry too much. Here is some good info about babies and solid food.

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