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11wo bf baby's tummy keeps bloating and cramping. Infant gavascon-will it help?

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cockle84 Sun 12-Jun-11 21:02:03

my poor little girl's tummy gets so bloated it feels like a balloon ready to burst. It also looks like it's cramping and she screams with pain. I wind her for ages in all positions but the wind just stays where it is and is usually only released by a big poo. The doctor said to see how she goes but may prescribe Infant gavascon. Has anyone tried this-does it work. Any other suggestions-already tried infacol and gripe water. sad

nethunsreject Sun 12-Jun-11 21:11:58

Gaviscon will probably make her constipated, so not sure how that will help. confused

Could she be reacting to something in your diet?
Has she been checked for tongue tie? Or had her latch looked at by a bfing counsellor?
Colief is another wind reliever.

SYmpathies - it is horrid. sad

She is close to the 3 mth mark though when things often improve, so it may be a matter of time, but worth trying things to help, definitely!

RitaMorgan Sun 12-Jun-11 21:58:47

Gaviscon will just thicken her stomach contents to stop her throwing up, so can't see how it would help.

I'd try cutting out dairy and see if that helps - second having the latch checked.

Loobyloo1902 Sun 12-Jun-11 22:56:15

My sympathies, my 10 wo bf daughter's like a baby whoopee cushion just now. I wind, massage and infacol/gripe water her. To get her bowels moving, I offer her a teaspoon of squeezed orange juice in a bottle of boiled water. Stand back for thirty minutes and she ahem.... well you'll see if you try it (make sure that nappy's securely on, actually gaffer tape it on).

Hope that might help and if all else fails, I give her a drop of calpol to take the edge off the pain (for her and me)

BagofHolly Sun 12-Jun-11 23:18:03

One of my twins was like this. It was hellish. Turns out he has a milk intolerance, and is now on Neocate (prescription formula) and gaviscon at every feed, plus various meds. He's a different baby - so happy and giggly, whereas his first few weeks were blighted with this awful situation.
Id urge you to go back to your GP and insist on seeing a paediatrician. Imagine if the only thing you could eat, gave you terrible bloating and wind?
Hope you get something sorted soon.

cockle84 Mon 13-Jun-11 04:13:33

Thanks everyone. I have cut dairy out of my own diet but that doesn't seem to have helped. Will ask someone about latch though. Will definitely go back to doctors and see what they can do for her.

japhrimel Mon 13-Jun-11 08:37:18

Maybe try colief - it's for a temporary lactase deficiency.

As the others said, gaviscon will only help reflux not wind or constipation.

Rosemallow Mon 13-Jun-11 08:43:33

Don't have any suggestions but my DS uses to be crippled with wind and bloating (infacol, gripe water didn't work and he can't have dentinox due to meds he's on) but at around 14 weeks he suddenly learned how to deal with it himself.
He's now 18 weeks and I don't even have to wind him after feeds (used to take ages!) and he's a very happy smiley chappy.

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