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How much formula can an 8mo get by on???

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fruitychicken Sun 12-Jun-11 11:12:33

Having dreadful trouble getting feeds into our dd. So far today she has not sucked the bottle and maybe taken 1oz out of her doidy cup. She has a cold and has been off feeds for a good few days now (milk and spoons), though I can normally persuade at least 2oz into her. She only gets 3 bottles a day and wont take any more than this. Always a fussy feeder. Needs to be asleep in bouncer. HV told me needs to have at least 16oz/day but realistcally not happening at the minute. Only about 9oz yesterday all day!! Does have wet nappies, although God knows how!! Just wondering at the minute does anyone ahve any words of wisdom???

narmada Sun 12-Jun-11 13:53:58

So am I right in thinking that she's always been a very fussy feeder and it's just got a bit worse due to the cold? If so then there has to be some underlying issue, and I would strongly suspect either reflux or cow's milk protein intolerance - both of these can cause fussy feeding or feed refusal (only drinking in sleep is very common) and both can be treated. Reflux is treated with acid-blocking drugs like ranitidine or omeprazole, and cow's milk protein by substituting hydrolysed formula for normal formula - these special formulas are available on prescription from GP. Might be barking up wrong tree but thought I would mention in case it helped.

fruitychicken Sun 12-Jun-11 14:14:06

Narmada, she was a reflux baby. Been through the whole ranitidine and carobel thing but her symptoms ahve all gone now and been off everything for quite some time now, so that makes me think it's not that. Don't know much about the cow's milk protein thing, but I thought that was meant to make them very unsettled gastrically?? She seems happy enough in every other way now, apart from taking milk feeds, unless it all goes back to bad old refulx memories!!! She is what has been termed a very distractable baby. In my terms, downright nosey, and must not miss anything!!!! But not even being able to get her to feed while asleep is a new thing!! I suppose I am hoping when the cold (and sore throat btw) go away, she will return to her normal disastrous feeding, rather than these new all time lows, but in the meantime am trying to keep her hydrated with anything and don't know how much an 8mo needs to keep from spontaneously combusting, which sometimes I feel is what will happen!!!! (Or maybe that's me!!!!)

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