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DS now 17 mths old wont stop BS I need my life back!

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Banto Sat 11-Jun-11 11:13:13

Hi all

Am a first time mother and wanted the best for my son. BS was an obvious choice. Now 17 months down the line, I am getting resentful. I managed to cut down to 3 feeds, 1 after I got home from work. One before bed, and when he gets up during the night.

I am exhausted. I did a whole week of controlled crying working on the thought that it would stop him wanting milk during the night. This worked, until he fell ill so he needed the milk as he would not eat/drink anything else.

Now he is better, he will take milk from beaker from somebody else...just not me. He is in a strict routine for his bed and meals during the day, but still wants to BS as he is teething. I know he is in pain but I still want him to stop wanting the boob! I let him cry for a few nights, but as I live in the inlaws home they are very much against letting him cry. I know should be strong and follow my own way...but husband is not supportive in letting him cry it out. As he gets up at half five and does not hit the sack until 10pm I can see he is tired too.

I have tried offering water, switching BS for another distraction, you name it I've tried it. Bottle feeding was tried for 5 mths but to no success.

I have lost 2 stone from my steady pre-pregnancy weight, that might sound great but I look awful feel lethargic and can feel myself getting ill. Health visitor and doctors have not been much help either.

Anybody out there who can save my sanity??


Iggly Sat 11-Jun-11 13:14:04

He might want a feed because he's tired and it helps him switch off? I'd suggest sorting out his sleep first - trying to get his bedtime earlier would be my priority, then he's more likely to sleep through the night without waking for boob. This will make you feel a lot better.

Has his room got blackout blinds? Might be worth a go, then you can aim for an early night where he can at least get 11 hours sleep. Does he nap in the day?

Banto Sat 11-Jun-11 14:58:07

Thanks for your reponse Iggly. He normally gets up for about 7am when I put him down for 8pm. I normally take him up for about half seven for his bath. Will try that today. Any suggestions about how to get him to have his milk by beaker before bedtime?

Will take him up about 7 with lights out at 7.30. Room has curtains, but I think your idea of having blackout blinds is a good idea. I am sure you can buy black out curtains as well?

He naps for about an hour to a hour and half during the day

Iggly Sat 11-Jun-11 18:39:03

Yes you can buy blackout curtains or blinds which stick to your window with suckers - we've got on (a go anywhere blind from amazon, quite cheap).

I still BF DS to sleep at bedtime but also give him a beaker of milk - I get him to take it by encouraging him to take sips while reading a story (so he's distracted and will drink it). I have him facing out on my lap. My idea is to slowly increase the milk in the beaker then he'll take less milk from me. You could try that? Or what some people do is change the routine so milk isn't last then replace with a feed. So milk, story then bed?

Banto Wed 15-Jun-11 20:05:52

Thank you so much for your support. I have been putting him to bed without bf for three days. He took more milk in his beaker today as I got a beaker and he imitated me! jus need to persuade him to stop wanting bf during nite. blackout blinds sound a fab idea will look at amazon.
Hope things go well with your little one.

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