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14 day old EBF DS. Mammy with temperature late night advice needed!

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flippyfloppy Sat 11-Jun-11 00:09:46

Hi there, I woke up this morning with a tender right breast almost under the armpit, as day has progressed I am feeling more and more like I've bin hit by a bus yesterday and nobody told me! I am aching all over, banging headache, DS just woke up to feed and I've taken my temp it is 38.3, just taken two paracetomol. I've fed of sore breast as much as poss today, had warm baths and massaged it. Question is would you go to sleep and presume it was mastitis and visit drop in in morning or would u seek medical advice tonight. I'm worried in case I'm presuming it's bf related but it could possibly not be? Im typing from mobile whilst feeding so apologies for spelling and grammar! tIA x

RitaMorgan Sat 11-Jun-11 00:24:29

It does sound like mastitis and I'm not sure a doctor could do anything tonight. Try to express/feed from that side and get some rest, see a doctor tomorrow if you can.

shmoz Sat 11-Jun-11 00:28:34

Agree, does sound like mastitis. If you've got any ibuprofen in take some, get as much rest as you can tonight.

flippyfloppy Sat 11-Jun-11 03:26:53

Hi there thank you for taking time put to reply, by 1am I felt a lot worse and my temp wasn't going down. I rang postnatal ward who asked me to go straight in, they have diagnosed mastitis due to tenderness of breasts in parts and elimination of other infections elsewhere. Dr seemed suprised I did not have hardenings in breasts or red breasts??? They have prescribed antibiotics and diclifenac for pain. Please let me feel a bit better tomorrow!!!!

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