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Breastfeeding while pregnant

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ContentedMaybe Fri 10-Jun-11 20:34:50

Hi Ladies. Not used a forum before so hope I do this right... I have just discovered I'm pregnant with my second child. My son is just 7 months old, and I was hoping to breastfeed until he's 1. I understand my milk supply could drop while pregnant and was wondering if anyone had any advice re keeping my milk levels high. I had been planning to drop the 10 pm dreamfeed (he has been sleeping through for 6 weeks), but am now wondering if this would be a mistake, as I figure the more he feeds the more likely it is my supplies will remain high... Does anyone know if this is correct? :-)

cocoachannel Fri 10-Jun-11 20:42:36


I can't help I'm afraid but this thread might?

Breastfeeing whilst pregnant

ContentedMaybe Fri 10-Jun-11 20:53:14

Thanks :-) I'm new to this so wasn't sure how to search! Will take a look.

PenguinArmy Sat 11-Jun-11 23:06:47

Most people recommend the tandem feeding LLL book. I don't think there is much you can do regarding supply as it's hormone driven by the pg. Increasing number of feeds won't increase supply as the signals get blocked. (that's my understanding) A lot of people are able to keep going through that period but supplement. For most people it seems to come down to pain thresholds.

I did find the book useful but mainly in more a way of preparing me that tandem feeding might not happen. I didn't buy it until I was 12 weeks and wish in hindsight I had brought it earlier.

good luck

For me the first 3 months were absolutely fine, it is/was the 2T where it all come undone but DD was 14 months at that point. I know however for others dip and pan started earlier but it didn't seem to dip so low.

ContentedMaybe Sun 12-Jun-11 12:38:12

Thanks, Penguin. Everyone seems to recommend the book so I'll give it a go. I'm v early into the pregnancy at the moment so not sure how it will affect the feeding long term. If I can to the end of the first trimester without having to supplement, I'll be happy, though I guess it's really a case of playing it by ear and if DS needs formula sooner than that, I shall just have to get over my own hangups and give it to him.
Strangely enough, when I expressed this morning, I was back up to my pre-pregnancy yield, which hasn't happened for a few weeks so perhaps I was panicking prematurely. :-)
Have you had your second child now, or are you still pregnant?
Thanks again.

PenguinArmy Sun 12-Jun-11 17:46:11

No bump is still there, am currently 21 weeks. There is another person on my ante natal thread who is still going with one/two feeds a day. I had found I had gone over the top of the hill regarding pain but due to work times she fed in the night and I think it was that combo that lead to the end. Plus ours was a more accidental weaning. Decided if she woke I would resettle first and she always did.

As I said I was completely fine the first trimester and by the time he is 10/12 months a few feeds can be supplemented with dairy products during the day.

Good luck with everything and remember there isn't a right or wrong way with this, just what seems best for you smile

4madboys Sun 12-Jun-11 17:52:06

i bfed through two pregnancies and then tandem fed.

i found the first bit hard, purely because it was like the early days of bfeeding when it would hurt when they latched on, but i was able to count to ten and ignore that and tho my milk supply did seem to drop a bit, my boys were never bothered and continued to be enthusiastic feeders smile

also when the new baby arrived they were able to help out when i was engorged! and i could feed the newborn and toddler at the same time and get them both to sleep so i could have a nap!

good luck wiht your pregnancy and feeding, i recomend the ll book and also the kellymom website xx

ContentedMaybe Fri 17-Jun-11 14:13:42

thanks, 4madboys. Do you think the book is good even for those who want to bfeed through pregnancy but not tandem feed? I'm planning to bf DS until he's 1, by which time I'll be 5 months pregnant and so have a few months to fully wean.

Good to hear you had such a great experience - really encouraging.


PenguinArmy Fri 17-Jun-11 17:24:07

it's good for everyone as it seems to covers all scenarios. Lots of peoples very different experiences in there. Only issue is that it's slightly pricey in the UK, but you could ask on MN for a second hand one, try your library or perhaps the local LLL has a library.

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