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Advice please for best way to feed/burp a windy baby with tongue tie

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monkey32 Fri 10-Jun-11 19:14:34

My gorgeous DS (DC3) is now 2 weeks old and is extremely windy. He is fairly good at burping but clearly gets trapped wind as he scrunches up in pain and screams. He is substantially tongue tied which I gather may well be contributing to the windiness. We are off for his tongue to be snipped next Thursday which I hope helps the wind but in the meantime I wonder if anyone has any top tips for best ways to feed to minimise wind / burp etc get wind out?

I am breastfeeding in the main but also doing the occasional bottle so my husband can do a feed whilst I sleep (please no posting about how I should be exclusively breastfeeding - I've made my decision on that one). For bottle feeding, is it best to have DS sitting up as much as possible? Should we give a bit then pause to burp? Or try to do the whole lot in one go with a big burping session at the end?

Also any top tips for easing the obvious tummy ache? I do circular tummy massage, bringing legs up to chest and bicycling legs. Anyone else found a brilliant technique?

My other 2DC didn't have wind at all and never even needing burping so it's all new to me! All advice gratefully received!

RitaMorgan Fri 10-Jun-11 19:19:45

Is it particularly after the bottles he's windy, or both?

Yes, I'd sit him upright to bottlefeeding with lots of pauses for burps - it will also slow him down as babies can end up gulping down bottlefeeds if they used to breastfeeding. The burping and farting aren't necessarily related though as the burps will come from swallowing air and wind is from gas forming in his digestive system (that's my understanding anyway!).

I found formula made my ds quite farty when we first introduced it - it's just harder for them to digest than breastmilk so I think it takes a while for their systems to adjust.

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