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Nanny Care milk- has anyone tried it?

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lou19 Wed 08-Jun-11 22:15:31

Was it any good? would love to hear your experiences :-)

suwoo Wed 08-Jun-11 22:17:02

Never heard of it, what is it?

RitaMorgan Wed 08-Jun-11 22:33:22

Is it goats milk? I think goats milk infant formula is illegal, they have to market it as toddler/follow-on milk.

lou19 Wed 08-Jun-11 23:22:29

yes it's goat milk infant formula. on their website it presents it as a viable substitute for all types of milk, even preferable. they have an infant one and a follow on one. never heard about it being illegal though!

RitaMorgan Wed 08-Jun-11 23:26:58

I have a feeling goats milk formula is banned for under 1s in the UK - maybe check with your GP?

Is your dc allergic to cow's milk? There are other formulas available.

lou19 Thu 09-Jun-11 00:13:05

stumbled upon this thread on netmums (please don't shoot me mumsnet police!!)...very very interesting, long thread but worth reading not allergic to cow's milk but has a predisposition to eczema so we wanted to avoid dairy until she is at least 12 months.

lou19 Thu 09-Jun-11 00:13:23

oops here it is

RitaMorgan Thu 09-Jun-11 00:14:33

You can get synthetic formulas that don't contain any dairy, they might need to be prescribed though.

narmada Thu 09-Jun-11 09:42:52

Goat's 'formula' is actually available from Waitrose, but it's not called formula. It's called Goat milk nutrition or some such. Made by nannycare. They can't call it formula because it's not legal to do so as others have said. There are two types - the big tub, which is intended for babies although it doesn't say so as it can't, and the smaller tub which is for 1 year plus.

I used it briefly with DS, who has an intolerance to cow's milk and because we were having huge problems getting him to take any of the prescribable hydrolysed milk or elemental formulas. He seemed a little better on it (less vomiting) but ultimately we had to persist with the hydrolysed formulas as he started to take less and less of it, indicating an intolerance to this as well.

Our Dietician wasn't horrified when I told her about the goat's milk but she did confirm that it was unlikely to address the intolerance as all mammalian milks (apart from human breastmilk) are extremely similar in composition and contain similar proteins (the things that trigger the allergy).

And my, it was expensive - £18 a tin, and that will last you about a week.

Goat formula is available in New Zealand and can be marketed as such (think it's called karicare over there).

Kaylott Sun 31-Mar-13 22:21:39

I started using nannycare formula when my lo was 8 months, she had started to get eczema when I stopped partially breastfeeding at around 5 months and I was pretty sure it was because the amount of cows milk formula she was now having was just too much for her. I tried changing washing powder, creams, bathing her less often in warm water but nothing seemed to help so we went to the doctors who prescribed a steroid cream and aveeno for her. The aveeno did help moisturise but she was still getting a bright red itchy rash all over her stomach and behind knees and ankles. The doctor wasn't too helpful in suggesting any other treatment but I felt like I needed to get to the bottom of why her eczema was occurring rather then treating it so we decided to try nannycare goat formula as we couldn't just leave her to eventually grow out of this allergy as the doctor was suggesting. Anyway, after about 3 days her eczema cleared up on her tummy and after about 10 days it had completely gone.we also found that she was much less bloated pretty much immediately. The only problem she had was constipation due to switching milks but after a couple of weeks this settled down and if anything her stools are on the soft side now. Its been the best thing we did for her, thrived and happy on it and now 1 year old. I will be using the follow on milk next.

saintlyjimjams Sun 31-Mar-13 22:25:20

Yes ds3 thrived on it. He went on it at 15 months and it made a huge difference. At that time it wasn't remotely banned or whatever it is they've done now. I'm done with kids but if I has another & couldn't bf then I would be reaching for the nanny again.

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