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Not sure if my DS is taking enough expressed milk

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suzym1984 Wed 08-Jun-11 19:33:13


My DS is 17 weeks and I breastfeed at night and give bottles of expressed milk during the day. Some days he will drink 8oz at a time from a bottle, and other days (like today) he doesnt take much.

Today he has had 15oz from 3 bottles (6oz, 5oz and 4oz) and will no doubt wake for one or 2 feeds (from breast) through the night. Does this seem enough? It just seems that 3 bottles in the day is not much?

RitaMorgan Wed 08-Jun-11 19:52:07

A breastfed baby only takes around 25oz a day, they don't increase their intake with age the way formula fed babies do. If you divide 25oz by the number of feeds he has a day it should give you an idea of a typical feed. 8oz seems like a very large amount to me!

There's some good info on the kellymom website about expressing and bottlefeeding ebm.

TittyBojangles Wed 08-Jun-11 20:15:50

Would it be better to try less but more often? Thereby increasing the overall volume, and probably reducing the wastage? I agree with RM that 8oz sounds like a massive amount in one go for a bf baby.

suzym1984 Wed 08-Jun-11 20:22:37

Thanks for the replies! I know, I was surprised he took 8oz but he was just steadily drinking! he doesnt drink that much very often, most times it is 5 or 6 oz.

That kellymom site has been helpful, thank you.

I try and offer him a bottle every few hours but he not interested, and he never cries for food. very strange!

Oh, and hes on the 75th centile so not exactly wasting away!

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