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Vomiting bf 13 month old

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KD0706 Wed 08-Jun-11 10:33:04

DD seems to have a bug. Poor little thing was sick bile first thing, didn't eat any breakfast, took a feed and about 20 mins later threw it up.
She's clearly not herself. We're just sat on the floor watching tv, she has no interest in toys, just resting her head on me.

I know I should keep her hydrated but should I be offering her water? Breastfeeding on demand? Offering bf even when she isn't asking?

Also should I offer her lunch or just stick to breastmilk?

Thanks for any advice.

Albrecht Wed 08-Jun-11 10:44:08

I would offer bf often, even if she isn't asking. BM will rehydrate her with all correct electrolytes plus proteins etc plus boost her immune system, which water can't do.

Also you could offer some lunch stuff that would be rehydrating - orange segements etc. Although might be a bit acidic so she might not be interested.

Hope she's feeling better soon.

KD0706 Wed 08-Jun-11 10:52:54

Thanks albrecht. She's sleeping on my lap. I'll offer bf when she wakes. This is the first time she's been poorly. Poor little thing. sad

peanutdream Wed 08-Jun-11 12:29:57

when my bf 10 month old had a bug i had to limit feeds to one minute at a time every twenty minutes or so, so that he would keep it down. if i let him wolf a whole feed he threw it up. bm best thing for her, poor thing sad bet she's happy as a clam on your lap though! i will say that he got over it remarkably quickly and (of course) i credit my milk lol!

i did offer the rehydration things too and he took some sips but not much.

peanutdream Wed 08-Jun-11 12:30:52

i wouldn't offer her food until a good 24 hours after the last vomit. gastric rest its called or something...

beachavendrea Wed 08-Jun-11 14:10:34

when my one had a vomiting bug at 10 months and 13 months i started breastfeeding him every time he usually ate solids. he could keep it down but it did come out the other end!

i also gave him cooked pasta and rice and plain white bread after about a day and he seemed to like it. i made a buffet on the floor so he could pick up what he wanted rather than me trying to feed him in his chair.

It's awful when they vomit they get so confused! the cuddles are nice though.

mawbroon Wed 08-Jun-11 14:27:44

Offer plenty breastfeeds and don't bother with food until she is a good bit better.

As a rule, I keep mine off dairy until they have done solid poo. ds1 is became dairy intolerent after a really nasty bug, but I didn't realise and kept giving him dairy which I think made it a lot worse, hence my rule.

Hope she is better soon

KD0706 Wed 08-Jun-11 17:05:11

Thanks everybody. Think she's feeling a bit better as I've just had to prevent her demolishing the yellow pages. Mischief seems a good sign that she's feeling better. No sick for a few hours either.

It seems too good to be true that she's on the mend already but fingers crossed

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