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Refusing the bottle...

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tlat Tue 07-Jun-11 18:52:01

Hi...ANY help/ advice would be appreciated! DD has mainly been breastfed and is 7 weeks now. When I say mainly, she has had 4 bottles of formula, once a day in the evenings when I had a cold last week and I was exhausted. She did have 2 bottles in her first week as it was a rather traumatic delivery. She has my cold this I was hoping to give her an evening bottle to try to get her to sleep longer for a good rest...well for both of us! But for the last week, I have tried every evening and FAILED!
We have tried 3 types of bottles, 3 types of formula (Although she did take a bit of SMA it gave her a botchy rash...did so in her first week too...we just didn't link it to the formula)! Help!

Albrecht Wed 08-Jun-11 10:09:18

Is it a stuffy nose cold - might just be a temporary thing in that case.

If it was me I'd ditch the bottle for now and save my energy. Have you tried feeding lying down? Then you can also get a rest.

greeneone12 Wed 08-Jun-11 10:13:18

There are LOADS of threds on here about bottle refusal. Have a search and they should come up easily enough. I personally wouldn't ditch the bottle as we left it too long to try again and I regret it. I wish we had persisted more in the early days. I hope you crack it. Can you express as she is more likely to take a bottle with your milk in it.

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