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Can't get DS to take bottle - please give me some success stories

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PhoebeLaura Tue 07-Jun-11 13:59:52

I have bf ds for 6.5mths and I'm very proud of myself for doing so through bad thrush (both of us) and tongue-tie. However I would like to start moving him onto formula as after a feed I feel dizzy, exhausted and moody and I have had enough. It's just not fair on DS1 either as I feel like a miserable Mum. Anyway, DS has now decided he doesn't like either formula or EBM from a bottle despite having taken both on odd occasions previously. I have tried both Avent and NUK bottles and tried all the formulas available. C&G seems to be the one that causes the least amount of 'Oh my God you are poisoning me' faces but he is mainly swilling it in his mouth and spitting it out again. Argh!
Please tell me you went through this and managed to move to formula. I am starting to despair.

TruthSweet Tue 07-Jun-11 14:28:56

To be honest at 6m+ I would try a cup or beaker to move on to as otherwise you will just have to wean off the bottle soon anyway. The free flow type with no valve are usually easiest for a bf baby or you could try the ducks bill kind (I forget their real name but there is a Boots own brand one with robots on it - I think they are call bottle to cup beakers or similar).

I am worried that you feel dizzy, exhausted and moody after feeding - it is not normal to feel that way after bfing and I think for your own health that needs looking into whether you continue bfing or not. Could you talk it through with an IBCLC or one of the bfing helplines to see if they have any suggestions about what it might be?

PhoebeLaura Wed 08-Jun-11 21:28:49

Thanks for replying. I have tried beakers but he won;t have those either but we did have a bit of a breakthrough as last night he took EBM from a bottle and today he took formula from a bottle. I am so relieved!

I have spoken to GP and HV about dizziness etc and they just think it is low blood pressure and low blood sugar (I have very low bp). They seem to think the feeding is just making it worse. thanks for your suggestions about speaking to bf helpline - I might well do that as I will still be feeding for a while as i'd like to move him slowly onto the bottles if possible. Assuming he doesn't refuse them again tomorrow grin

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