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8 month old milk obsessed again'

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HarrietJones Tue 07-Jun-11 09:18:34

Been feeding all night ,all day yesterday and just had a three hour break and she's off again. Is this a growth spurt?

Cosmosis Tue 07-Jun-11 10:44:27

Mine had a growth spurt around then so yes, could well be.

TimeWasting Tue 07-Jun-11 10:53:51

I think it's quite common at that age from what I've read on here, getting pickier with solids too.

HarrietJones Tue 07-Jun-11 11:24:32

Yes a lot got thrown yesterday. Tea went ok but lunch got thrown & it was one of her favourites.

I was a bit worried it was because my milk has slowed after some over supply problems (which she loved!)

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