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Switching from bottle to beaker at 1 yr, any suggestions on which type to use?

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mamma1mia Mon 06-Jun-11 21:20:08

Hi all, LO is 1 yr old in one week so I am starting to think about moving away from milk in a bottle to milk in a beaker. LO drinks water from a doidy cup quite happily but she does take comfort from a bottle before bed (guess I could keep this feed as bottle). Anyway, any recomedations on the types of beakers you have found useful with your LO's would be greatly appreciated.

MLWfirsttimemum Tue 07-Jun-11 15:41:28

I've always used freeflow cups as this is what my health visitor recommended (better for teeth etc).

I continued with a bottle at bedtime for a good six months after we'd stopped giving her a bottle at other times, and only switched to providing water in a (freeflow) cup at bedtime when my DD was two and a bit.

TBH I still give her a bottle if she is ill and feeling sorry for herself, more for comfort than anything else.

mamma1mia Tue 07-Jun-11 20:50:04

Thanks for the advice MLW. I'll introduce free flow cups and stick with the bed time bottle x

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