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Breastfed - currently on day three without poo

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Elf1981 Wed 16-Nov-05 09:34:13

My DD is nearly six weeks old. She's been breastfed from birth. Usually she did one poo a day, but she hasnt done a poo since Sunday evening. She doesn't seem bothered and is still feeding really well, but should I be giving her something to encourage her to poo?

emkana Wed 16-Nov-05 09:34:57

if she's fully breastfed up to 10 days without a poo is normal

jellyjelly Wed 16-Nov-05 09:43:57

With breastfeeding as it is such a complete food there is very little waste and i am sure that she will go when she needs too.

Em32 Wed 16-Nov-05 09:44:31

This is normal, don't worry about it, I second emkana.

geekgrrl Wed 16-Nov-05 09:45:22

agree with everybody else, mine would quite often go for 7 days without a poo.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 16-Nov-05 09:45:34

If she seems well, is weeing well, I wouldn't worry. Some BF babies have very efficient guts, and don't produce a lot of waste. That being said, when your DD next poos, it may well be a big one.

BonyM Wed 16-Nov-05 09:47:11

Don't worry - mine would sometimes go up to a week without pooing. It's very normal in breastfed babies.

suzywong Wed 16-Nov-05 09:57:22

yes as the others syay that is absolutely normal.The important thing to look out for is plenty - 4-6- wet and heavy napppies per 24 hours, i mean the nappies should feel heavy when you lift them

keep up the good work

PiccadillyCircus Wed 16-Nov-05 09:59:17

Elf, I have the same issue (DD is 8 weeks and also last pooed on Sunday evening). As she is generally an at least 4 times a day girl, I am living in fear of how large the explosion will be. ..

PiccadillyCircus Wed 16-Nov-05 09:59:21

Elf, I have the same issue (DD is 8 weeks and also last pooed on Sunday evening). As she is generally an at least 4 times a day girl, I am living in fear of how large the explosion will be. ..

oliveoil Wed 16-Nov-05 10:00:03

Lol at NQC 'big poo', Elf1981 will now be on full alert, peering alarmingly at her dd's nether regions.


PiccadillyCircus Wed 16-Nov-05 10:00:57


NotQuiteCockney Wed 16-Nov-05 10:06:55

Oh, no OO, you don't want to be peering at their nether regions when a big poo comes.

What you need to do, is put on a few nappies, and wait for an explosion. When it comes, be sure not to change the baby in an enclosed space with poor ventilation.

Seriously, DS2 was a once-a-week boy for a while, which was great, and the poos weren't even that big when they came.

oliveoil Wed 16-Nov-05 10:16:42

I remember feeding dd1 once and she settled down all content and squirmed a bit....and then my leg became kind of warm.....lovely poo soaked trousers. Those were the days.


Elf1981 Wed 16-Nov-05 10:33:35

LOL she went one day without a poo last week and when she went it was all over. We had to cut her out of the vest as if we'd taken it over her head she'd have had poo all over her face! Needless to say, I about wet myself laughing.

Me and Dh are operating a strict "who holds when she goes, changes" policy. so if she does her massive blow out in the day, it's going to me as DH back at work. So here's hoping its the evening!!

PiccadillyCircus Wed 16-Nov-05 10:35:58

I am taking DD to my old office later on this morning. Hope that the event doesn't happen either (a) on me or (b) on a collegue.

I used to think about more than poo in my life....

chipmonkey Wed 16-Nov-05 10:49:30

Elf, at about the same age my ds went from being a once-a-day guy to a once-a-week guy. At the same time he instantly became far less colicky so I put it down to a maturing gut.

PiccadillyCircus Wed 16-Nov-05 16:18:29

Minor explosion whilst out - didn't need change of clothes though .

PiccadillyCircus Thu 17-Nov-05 13:07:47

And then a major one back at home - no idea how s much poo could come out...

suzi2 Thu 17-Nov-05 13:39:09

My DS (15wks) has done this since about 6wks too. I generally get a poo once a week or thereabouts. It's quite frightening for all involved when it happens. DS looks really serious for a few seconds and then we hear it 'splat'. He then loks bemused. DH and I look scared and fight over who is doing the nappy change!

Quite convenient though!

Ericblack Thu 17-Nov-05 13:40:10

This has been a really interesting thread for me. Glad you raised it Elf! Not so much the quantification of the poos of course.

Elf1981 Thu 17-Nov-05 20:13:54

Its day four and still no blast off...
Beginning to get quite scared about what it is going to be like when it happens!! If she goes tomorrow, I'll make my mum change her! The joys of being a grandparent...

sharklet Fri 18-Nov-05 16:40:03

Its totally normal. DD went 7 days without pooing once. We were petrified and kept googling for info on how often they go. The Dr told us anything from once a fortnight to 12 times a day could be considered normal when bf.

The seventh day nappy - you don't want to know - but she managed it right at the top of a castle turret on our honeymoon - I had to climb down 200 steps with baby poo trickling down my chest as she was slung to me.

Oh well the joys of nappys....

Yorkiegirl Fri 18-Nov-05 16:45:25

Message withdrawn

maxmilly Tue 12-May-09 19:27:33

How happy am I to have found this thread. DD1 racks up a good 8 or 9 days without so much as a whisper of a poo and I now know she joins the happy ranks of gut-efficient breastfed babies....

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