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Is this normal for a breast fed one year old?

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TheCountessOlenska Sun 05-Jun-11 09:16:56

Up till now I have been extremely laid back about dd's eating, following advice on here i.e food is for fun until they are one etc.

Well . . . She's 13 months now and is no further on with her eating. In fact she eats less as she now refuses to eat more than a mouthful off a spoon. She loses interest in finger food very quickly and just doesn't seem to eat much at all. All new kinds of fruit and veg are flung on the floor!

She still has around 4 breastfeeds a day plus a few night feeds (we cosleep). Do I need to cut these down? Any idea of how I can get her eating more? Is her health/weight/ development going to suffer?

Fernie3 Sun 05-Jun-11 09:22:08

my 2.5 year old was the same at that age. She was bottlefed and we DID cut down the milk but it was just time that seemed to sort it out. We pretty much ignored it, we offered her food if she didnt eat it we just took it away, buy the time she was 18 months she was eating much more and now she loves her food.
just dont do what a friend of mine did and make such a big deal of food that her ds screamed everytime she went in the kitchen!

Jacanne Sun 05-Jun-11 09:25:26

My one year old sounds very similar - she has virtually no interest in solids and it seems to be getting worse. She will play with food and sometimes put it in her mouth and chew on it (for ages) but then she spits it out. If I approach her with a spoonful of something she closes her lips and shakes her head from side to side. It is very frustrating. She also BFs a lot but I am loath to stop them because I really don't think she will eat more if I do - and at least I know she is getting something.

If it helps I have been told by lots of people that their children were the same and eat a huge amount now.

DD's weight is okay but when I took her for her 1 year check she had dropped from 50 to 25 centile but then she started walking at 10 months and is very active.

I am trying not to stress about it and am reluctant to get into too much of a battle with her over it because I know that will make her worse (the head shaking is definitely a game as she usually smiles hugely while doing it).

So no advice (sorry) but a similar one year old smile

iskra Sun 05-Jun-11 09:29:17

My DD was the same at that age. Sympathies. Now she is 3 she eats just as much as her peers, & a wide range of food. Tall & healthy. It drove me mad at the time though.

EauRouge Sun 05-Jun-11 09:31:08

I have one of those except mine is 2.8 yo! I was very concerned about her lack of interest in solid food and asked a HV about it when she was around 15 mo. I was told not to worry too much if she seemed healthy and she always has. All I can do really is to keep offering healthy food and if she wants to, she'll eat it. She's really quite fussy but if she's only going to eat one thing then I'd rather it was breastmilk and not breadsticks or something. It's not affected her negatively in any way, she is strong, 50th centile like she's always been and bright as a button.

Is there a LLL group near you? I went to a meeting once about weaning and it seems that lack of interest in solids is more common than you think.

Here are some links that might help- Kellymom

Breastmilk nutrition

LLL article- Living on Air

Jacanne Sun 05-Jun-11 09:50:06

Thanks for those links - they've made me feel so much better. I just read some out to my Mum and she told me that she was having a discussion with my Aunt about dd's eating. My Aunt told her that at a year bm was mostly water and had no goodness in it grin - my Mum did argue the point but gave up in the face of complete denial. So I've managed to arm her with a few facts and given myself some ammunition against the HV who has told me I should stop night feeds.

Jacanne Sun 05-Jun-11 09:53:38

Lol, meant my smilie to be a shock rather than a grin!

TheCountessOlenska Sun 05-Jun-11 10:06:00

Thanks for the reassurance and thanks also for those links eau rouge.

Jacanne - your dd sounds exactly the same as mine! She does the mouth firmly closed head shaking as well. . . So frustrating! We're living with my mum at the moment who is desperate to ram spoonfuls in (in the nicest possible way!) I have had to put my foot down with that as I don't want to put dd off even further!

Very good to know my breast milk still has nutritional value anyway - been meaning to research on the web for ages but never get round to it. HV is now very sniffy about night feeds and clearly thinks I should be winding up bf by now ( as does my mum and dh). Dd thinks otherwise though!!

Pesephone Sun 05-Jun-11 17:24:28

my younger two didn't really eat very much solids untill arround 18-20 months tbh I'd just bf on demand and keep offering solids with no pressure. Your milk is perfectly adequate still at this age and DC will get used to solids in their own time. I did notice my youngest was never really a big eater untill most of her teeth came in.

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