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going back to work...

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Annpan88 Sun 05-Jun-11 08:03:16

,..In sept when DS is 6 months ( sad )

I'll only be going back 3 days a week and wanted his feeds at the nursey to be formula, while bfing him the rest of the ttime. Will it mess up my supply not to bf during the day at work 3 days then to bf at home during my days off? Should I ff during the day on my days off and stickk to bfing in evenings and morning to not confuse my supply?

I'm planning to start weaning to solids around 18 weeks, if that helps?

I knows its all a bit of a way oFf (DS only 12 weeks) but iwith a deadline I've got to get in right!

Also should I give formula from a beaker rather then bottle once he's 6 months?

Thank you

Pesephone Sun 05-Jun-11 08:23:02

Hi, At 6 months you don't need to use a bottle at all you can give whatever it is in a cup.
I would not restrict bf during the day on your days off especially as you'll only be at work 3 days and at home 4. It would be fine to just bf on demand at home and give a cup during your working day. Will you be working 9-5 or something else?
Do you mind me asking why you are wanting to give Formula at nursery?
You are entitled to express milk at work its UK law. and even if you don't give bm at nursery your Your probably going to find your boobs get very uncomfortable without expressing at work. your body would eventually adjust to the new situation but it would take a while and it could leave you suseptible to mastitis whilst your body gets used to the new pattern. Not wanting to scare you lol just pointing it out.

Cosmosis Sun 05-Jun-11 12:12:53

At 6m your supply should be fine to cope with feeding at home and not at work. You will probably find you will need to express at work at first just because you will get uncomfortable, but that should settle down reasonably quickly too.

Annpan88 Sun 05-Jun-11 12:15:45

Mastitis was my main concern as, now he's sleeping 7 hours at night I did get mastitis yesterday - caught it quite early though so its clearing up nicely.

I was considering expressing some at work to give him say, 1 ebf a day at nursery and keep myself comfortable, but personally, for me it wouldn't be practical to express enough to keep him fed all day and I feel happy to introduce a bit of follow on milk a few times a day. He'll still be getting lots of breast milk.

Also how soon before I go back to work should I get him used to drinking from a cup? And how long to get him used to a little formula?

Thanks pesephone smile

Annpan88 Sun 05-Jun-11 12:20:59

Ooh x posted with cosmosis thank you smile

Cosmosis Sun 05-Jun-11 12:21:20

don't bother with follow on milk unless it's cheaper than first stage, there's no need for it.

To get him used to formula I would express and mix the two and gradually increase the proportion of forumla to ebm until it's all formula - although it might be worth trying just formula first as he might be ok with it. Has he ever had a bottle? If not, leave it and introduce the cup much nearer to when you go back as he will be a lot more capable of using it at 5m ish than now.

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