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biting 1 year old

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kaj32 Sat 04-Jun-11 20:28:06

I'm still feeding my 12 month old on demand. Lately she has started biting when she has finished her feed. She does this most at bed time and last night she broke the skin on my nipple sad

How do i get her to stop?

I've tried quietly placing her on the floor, telling her off, telling her no and pushing her onto breast harder. She thinks it's a big joke.

TIA for help.

crazyhairlady Sat 04-Jun-11 20:43:13

You've got my full sympathy as DS1 has left me with scars on one nipple from when he was doing this. I fed DS1 to about 12 months when he started playing with my nipple, biting and pulling it and self weaned as he just lost interest. DS2 is only 7 months and like DS1 had teeth from 3 months. I found pushing onto breast has worked to stop him biting at the nipple. Has you little one just got teeth through?
Could you take her off earlier in feed and rock her if the problem is always at the end of the feed? Do you feed her to sleep? Just thinking that as you say she seems to think you are playing when you tell her off maybe try to avoid the senario altogether if she gets to the slower sucking stage of the feed when she is nearly done use your finger to break the seal of mouth on nipple.

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