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Windy 5 week old, slow weight gain.

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tiredandgrumpy Fri 03-Jun-11 22:32:45

Dd is 5 weeks old and exclusively bf. She has been slow to put on weight, but hv is not concerned and seems to have checked her thoroughly. Dd suddenly went 4 days with no poo, got increasingly uncomfortable, then did a huge poo. She immediately seemed more comfortable and was fine for a day or so, but no more poos. She's getting uncomfortable again and is clearly in pain. She seems to have been very gassy. Do I need to worry, or is this just normal. I have 2 older dcs, but have not had a baby so clearly in pain all day before.

nethunsreject Sat 04-Jun-11 10:37:49

Aw, it is rotten seeing them uncomfortable.

Could she have tongue tie? Can be hard to spot. Or poss reacting to anything in your diet?

HAve you got a local bfing group? They can 'tweak' latch to make it even better and minimise wind.

bessie26 Sat 04-Jun-11 14:44:22

Have you tried massage to help the poo/gas out? DD1 suffered terribly with it, and the "colic massage" the HV showed me helped alot (look on uTube)

DD2 has been a bit gassy too, but it's got better since I've been paying more attention to getting a really good latch

Pesephone Sat 04-Jun-11 18:33:27

I second getting along to a bf drop in to get the latch checked out, and check for TT. When you DC does poo is it nice yellow bm poo. Is she weeing plenty? I also recomend the massage baby massage can help loads with gas and it is also shown to help with weight gain if I remember correctly. most sure start centres run a class so maybe give your local one a call.

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