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Baby eats and sleeps all night and is awake NOT EATING all day!! Help please!

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debka Fri 03-Jun-11 20:00:45

16 weeks old and wakes up 3x a night for feeds (is bf). She goes straight back to sleep after each one, but it's just exhausting still being up so often. During the day I offer her a feed about every 3 hours but she barely takes anything, and her nappies aren't as wet as I'd expect. She is healthy and happy and growing so for her it's not a problem but for me it is! I have a 2yo to run after too! Any advice?

nethunsreject Fri 03-Jun-11 20:07:10

She might be taking more than you think in the day. Some babies are incredibly efficient! I was surprised by ds2.

3x a night is really not at all bad. In fact it is better than my 1yr old, but that;s another story wink

Sadly the toddler means no rest in the day which is really tough going. Is she due to go to a playgroup or anthig soon? Or cut yourslef some slack and stick the telly on for a bit. This time is very hard, but very short.

Would you consider co-sleeping with the baby to maximise rest? Not everyone's cup of tea, but worth a thought?

Offer her every 2 hrs, see if that helps too.

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