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Help - Is this mastitis?

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kitstwins Thu 02-Jun-11 13:12:58

I'm currently 7 weeks postnatal and exclusively feeding my baby. All has been going okay on the feeding front but this morning I woke up and my right breast was very ridgy and solid along the underside of the breast (lumpy ducts). I fed the baby and then pumped off any residue (it still felt painful after the feed so obviously not engorgement) and then massaged the area in a warm shower. It is still really painful. I've expressed after my 10.30 feed to clear off any milk (got about 5 mls) and have been placing alternate hot and cold gel compresses in my bra but it still feels achy and slightly burny. There's no redness but it does feel sore.

Can it be mastitis? I don't have a temperature and don't feel unwell and there's no redness on the breast. Just the internal pain and swelling - almost like I've been repeatedly punched in the breast. Also, I've been on antibiotics for 10 days (flucoxicillin) for a wound infection so I'm at a loss as to how I can have developed an infection whilst chomping on those. Maybe they're not the 'right' antibiotics for mastitis. Any thoughts or tips for relieving the pain. My GP is shut for the next three hours.

THanks in advance.

TINKERBELLE33 Thu 02-Jun-11 14:42:29

It sounds like blocked ducts to me which can develop into mastitis. Keep up the feeding, expressing and massaging to help clear the ducts. I have had this three times, once really severely and twice I managed to deal with it on my own. I can sympathise with how painful it is, I remember crying down the phone to the GPs receptionist when she said there were no more appointments for that day and I would have to phone back the next day. I even said "but I'll be dead by then!" blush It did work though as a GP phoned back 5 mins later and told me to go straight in. If it continues or gets worse def phone your GP or go to a walk in clinic if it's shut. Glad that BF has been going well up until now.

Albrecht Thu 02-Jun-11 15:27:46

Agree with the above, feed off the sore one as often as you can (more efficient than a pump), massage and warm flannels.

More info here and here.

Hope it feels better soon.

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