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windy bf baby and offering both breasts

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pipoca Thu 02-Jun-11 08:08:33

Have a nearly 3 week old baby who is breast fed but very windy. She quite often squirms and pulls on the nipple during a feed and then seems to suffer dreadfully from wind after, even if I burp her.
I live in Spain and the paediatrician told me to offer only one breast at each feed "until it's empty" as otherwise she'll only get "sugary foremilk" which "will give her wind". I've been offering one til she comes off and then offering the this wrong? If she seems to have come off due to wind I put her back on the same one.
Also wondering if crying (obviously with wind...won't take the boob) pretty much til the next feed sounds like normal windiness. Can be any time of day or night she does this.

kellieb7 Thu 02-Jun-11 09:03:20

Hi, I am no expert but my DD (also BF) suffered with terrible wind until she was about 10 weeks. I am not sure about only offering one breast but I am sure someone will be along shortly who can advise you. Some of the best things I found was allow the baby plenty of time with their nappy off, this can obviously be messy but it really helped my little one. There is also certain tummy massage's that you can try and I found these on you tube, moving babies legs (as if they are cycling a bike) and warm flannels on her tummy also really helped. I had no success with any of the related medicines but they may be worth a try. Good luck I know how horrible it is to know your baby is uncomfortable.

FullCream Thu 02-Jun-11 10:11:41

Hi, I have just started offering only one side until my 15 wo ds has emptied it completely to deal with an oversupply issue. We're onyl a few days in but he seems to be squirming from wind much less at night than he was. Not sure though if this would be the same with you, especially as your supply is still being established. Hopefully someone knowledgable will be along soon. Good luck, and congrats on your baby.

pipoca Thu 02-Jun-11 14:17:33


Cosmosis Thu 02-Jun-11 14:29:31

You should offer one till they come off, and then offer 2nd, the hind milk/ foremilk thing is believed to be a bit of a myth I think. IMO you are doing the right thing. There is something called block feeding which you can do if you have oversupply – but you should only do this if you are absolutely sure you have oversupply.

Albrecht Thu 02-Jun-11 15:02:52

Your breasts are never empty, the milk will keep coming if they keep sucking. Your milk will be slightly more 'watery' to begin with, as a thirst quencher and then gradually gets more fatty the longer they stay on (I'd ignore the advice of anyone who goes on about foremilk personally, as others have said above). Unless you have concerns over weight gain or lack of poo or a baby who has no alert periods, I'd carry on as you were doing before and trust your baby to take what they need.

When ds was very new he also seemed to be really windy, possibly gulping air as he latched on hungrily. I'd let him feed for 5 or 10 mins, then if he started squirming, pop him off and wind him then put him back on the same one. Feed til he came off himself and offer 2nd breast if he was still awake. After that you can offer the 1st again if you think they are still hungry. It got better as he got older.

Some babies do cry a lot, I know some people recommend various colic relief medcines but they never made any difference for us, I think its often just being a bit overwhelmed by the world / digestion getting going etc. Even if they don't stop crying, being with them, cuddling, singing, whatever let's them know you are there and you are trying to help them, which is almost more important than solving the problem IYSWIM.

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