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ff baby screaming when being fed - anyone experienced this?

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ILovePonyo Wed 01-Jun-11 22:11:13

Just looking for a bit of reassurance really.

dd is 15 weeks and ff. For the last few weeks sometimes (not every bottle) she will have a little bit, but then scream, cry and generally get worked up when feeding, sometimes halfway through feed or tonight, right at the beginning.

The only way to calm her is to give her a dummy and any attempt to try feeding again is met with more screaming etc like we're hurting her sad We normally have to let her have a sleep (as she gets so worked up she tires herself out) then chill out then try another bottle.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this. Not looking for magic cures just a bit of hope it passes?! She is still gaining weight steadily on 9th centile and hv checked her mouth for thrush, no sign of it.

Thanks, am off to bed soon will check back tomorrow smile

RitaMorgan Wed 01-Jun-11 22:30:10

Is she just not hungry? Are you feeding on demand or to a schedule?

ILovePonyo Wed 01-Jun-11 22:36:33

Rita sometimes she is definitely hungry, but whenever the bottle goes near her mouth she screams. I think sometimes she gets a bit overenthusiastic with her sucking and gulps a bit, then cries, then won't have anymore. Often if we burp her part way through a feed she won't have anymore after a burp, she just gets worked up confused

I am pretty much feeding every 3 hours, but thats a loose schedule.

EMS23 Thu 02-Jun-11 08:51:05

My FF DD started doing this at 8 weeks old. It got worse and worse until every feed was a total battle.
Doctor prescribed Gaviscon as I suspected Silent Reflux. Didn't really work for her and at 11 weeks she was presribed Nutramigen hypoallergenic formula. She was a different baby from that feed on.

Also, have you gone up a teat size yet? My DD went up quite quickly as she didn't have a strong suck and would get very frustrated with the slower flows. She was on size 3 (so 6 months plus) by 4 months old.

ILovePonyo Thu 02-Jun-11 09:04:34

Thanks EMS - dd has had infant gaviscon from 4 weeks for a while but I have stopped that and don't think its silent relux again, it seems different this time.
What is the hypoallergenic formula and what does it treat? I think b'cos she is still gaining weight the hv isn't too concerned, I posted last night b'cos we had to put her to bed without her last bottle b'cos she just screamed.

We went up a teat size a few weeks ago b'cos size 1's were too small, she's on size 2's now. The size 1's were collapsing when she sucking iyswim but she's not sucking hard enough on the 2's for them to do that yet.

I might go to docs about it but have a feeling they'll say its not a problem because its not every bottle and she's gaining weight. Which is fair enough, its just horrible seeing her upset!

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