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How much milk for a 9 month old???

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bananacurry Wed 01-Jun-11 18:40:55

Hi, Ds2 was 9 months yesterday. Over the last month he's gradually been cutting out his feeds. He's ff and dropped his 10am bottle first. He's now pretty much down to one 5oz bottle a day at 5.30am. I still offer one at 2pm but more often than not he refuses it and the same with his bedtime one. If I offer his bedtime one as a dream feed he'll take it.

I have two issues here. 1- he's essentially only having 5oz of milk a day and sips of water so is not going to be drinking enough and 2- formulas expensive and I'm wasting more than he's taking!

He is teething but has not gone off his solids at all. I don't know whether I should be pushing him and give him the dream feed to get it down him or just accept he's not going to have it. Any advice???

RitaMorgan Wed 01-Jun-11 19:11:29

The recommendation is 500-600ml (think this is 17-21oz?) of milk a day between 6-12 months, going down to 350ml a day from 12-24 months. This can include dairy though - cow's milk in cereal/yoghurts/cheese - as well as formula.

I would give the dreamfeed and also try to include as much formula as possible in cooking for him, lots of cheese sauces and yoghurts etc.

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