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Help. DD (7mo) is cutting out daytime BFs not night time BFs.

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kimberlina Tue 31-May-11 15:21:19

Doing BLW and going really well. We now eat 3 decent meals a day and she's started to reduce BFs (still feeding on demand). But she still does not sleep at night.

She now has
8am BF
9am breakfast
1pm lunch
3pm BF
7pm dinner
8.30pm BF and bed

but she still wakes up around 3am every night for BF. Obviously I would rather BF more frequnetly in the day and get a good nights sleep. Has anyone tried:
1) giving a formula feed at bed time instead of BF to help sleep longer
2) trying to withhold nighttime BF in the hope that the next day she is hungrier and feeds more in the day?

If I try to BF more in the day she really isn't interested. If I put her to bed at 10pm with a BF then, then we get to about 5am without waking - but then she goes back to sleep until about 10.30 am which isn't ideal for going to baby groups etc (I found I was having to wake her up which seems unfair). Plus I quite like my couple of hours of 'adult' time before going to bed.


RitaMorgan Tue 31-May-11 16:06:27

One night feed doesn't sound too bad for a 7 month old. Have you tried doing a dreamfeed at 10/11pm where you feed her in her sleep? If she feeds then then you could try getting your partner to settle her at 3am with water/cuddles instead of milk.

Could you get extra feeds in the day if you feed her as she's fallling asleep or waking from naps?

kimberlina Tue 31-May-11 18:57:13

Thanks Rita - not tried a dreamfeed so will give that a go. Maybe I'm being overambitious and should just be thankful of my lie ins.

She won't usuallt take extra feed s in the day, but I've not thought of trying at nap times

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