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Does anyone else feel ill after expressing?

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sloathy Mon 30-May-11 17:09:11


I'm mix feeding my 5 week old, expressing 3-4 times a day. I have been feeling quite poorly after each expressing session, bad headaches that never seem to go away and also nauseous and dizzy. It reminds me a bit of how I felt in early pregnancy (which I'm sure isn't the case now!). I'm not sure whether this is caused by the expressing or just general tiredness but it does feel like it comes on after I express. I am trying to eat well and drink more water in case it's caused by dehydration. Also wondering if it could be an iron deficiency and was thnking of trying Spatone - is it ok to take this while giving DS breast milk?I have my 6 week check next week and will mention it to my GP. I just wondered if any one else had experienced this?

TruthSweet Mon 30-May-11 18:09:46

sloathy - I think you need to speak to a BFC or IBCLC as that sounds more medical/bfing than just a usual bfing questions and I think you might need a qualified person to discuss this with.

In the mean time here's a little light reading!

Nausea whilst bfing

Lactation Headaches

Does it happen if you bf directly or just whilst pumping?

sloathy Mon 30-May-11 20:29:41

Hi TruthSweet

Thanks for the links - I had no idea that these were known side effects of bf and the articles describe how I'm feeling down to a tee. I do have low blood pressure which caused bad dizzines when I was pg so that makes sense. Will definitely discuss with GP next week.

We weren't able to establish direct bf so its only when I express.

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