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Stopping feeding and hormones

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Trillian42 Sun 29-May-11 21:39:43

DD is approaching the 1 year mark and is currently BF at night, with the odd feed during the day. I hope to finish with the middle of night feeds soon, and then eventually last thing before bed and morning feeds to follow.

Is there really a hormone crash? How did it affect you?

I'm especially curious as DD is snacking through the night and I think we'll have to go cold turkey on those as nothing else is working. That will mean dropping 3+ feeds in one go! Will this affect hormones?

ZhenXiang Sun 29-May-11 21:46:26

I found it easier to drop daytime and bedtime feeds first then go cold turkey at night as there was only one feed left to drop. Just stopped at 22 months, hormone wise didn't notice was too busy enjoying the increased amounts of sleep and increased sex drive wink! If you are going to drop all three you may still want to express as they do advise to leave 3 days between dropping each feed to reduce the chance of mastitis.

Trillian42 Mon 30-May-11 10:45:42

Thanks for that. DD is refusing to take a bottle at night so as I'm the only one who can calm her, I've now reached a full year of sleep deprivation and it's taking its toll. DH has tried several times with a bottle so I can at least get 5 hours sleep in a row, but she screams as if he's killing her! She's such a chancer - the second I arrive she stops and reaches out to me. He's suggested I stay in my parents for a night so he can't give in and bring her to me for a feed. I intend to give her a giant feed in the morning - would I still need to express do you think?

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