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Wanting to slowly switch to formula....

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DialsMavis Sun 29-May-11 14:06:38

DD is almost 7 months and takes a bottle quite happily when I am at work or when we are out and about (she is too nosy to BF anywahere but a silent room). She currently feeds:
upon waking 7am ish
10am ish
2 or 3pm
6ish before bed.
Weaning is going very well so she eats tons too.
I would like to stop BF by the end of July but am not sure which order I should switch the feeds to formula in?
I am thinking the day time ones should go 1st for my own comfort more than anyhing and the fact she is a monkey to feed in public anyway. Then which after that?

She will be almost 9 months by the time I stop so would I be dropping the mid morning feed by then anyway? if so should I keep that until last?
That means I should be able to drop a feed every 10-14 days, does all of that sound OK?

MsInterpret Mon 30-May-11 10:12:14

Sounds about right from my experience.

By the time I switched, DD was 10months and had already dropped the day feeds. We started giving her a bottle at night so DH could put her to bed. I still fed her in the morning so we could have cosy time together (and not have to venture downstairs for milk!) Eventually that one went to a bottle too when she became less interested in boob. And shortly after we were on cow's milk.

Dropping the afternoon one first might just mean your tea-time comes forward a bit at first - we have tea about 5-5.30 then milk at 6.30ish bedtime.


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