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Can I just run this by you?

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Grandhighpoohba Sun 29-May-11 13:33:10

Background - DD is 10mo and allergic to dairy. She will not take the artificial formula, no matter what we try. I have had to go back to work, so we have dropped to 2 - 3 breastfeeds a day, one very early in the morning before I work, one when I get home in the evening, and one at about 9 when she wants to sleep.

I have been fairly worried about her nutrition and whether she is getting enough fluids. She has until the last day or two, refused fluids from cup or bottle, but is now taking a bit of rice milk during the day. Obviously I can't give her any dairy to make up for the lack of milk, but otherwise she is fairly enthusiastic about solids.

The HV says not to worry, lots of babies go off milk at this age anyway, so long as she looks healthy, its fine.

Is she right?

pozzled Sun 29-May-11 13:40:26

I'd be concerned about the lack of fluids rather than the lack of milk. She can get calcium etc from other foods, but she must surely be getting quite thirsty in the day- how much rice milk is she taking? Won't she take any water from a cup or bottle? Is she having plenty of foods which have a high water content, like cucumber?

Not sure what to advise really, have you tried lots of different types of cup? Would she take more if it was expressed breastmilk rather than rice milk?

tomhardyismydh Sun 29-May-11 13:57:55

my dd did this when I returned to work, I used the formula in cooking and she also didnt really drink it. she also refused to drink from a cup or take any fluids at nursery, I just made sure she had a fairly wet lunch, I made casseroles and stews, bolognaise and soups etc and sent them in in a flask, as the nursery didnt want to rehaeat home made food for H&S reasons. I also stewed apples, pears etc and made sure they had plenty of the exxess cooking water mixed in. she would eat these off a spoon. she was fine and always had a mamoth bf in the mornings and after nursery.

tomhardyismydh Sun 29-May-11 13:58:37

also jellies are good

Seona1973 Sun 29-May-11 14:42:15

I dont think rice milk is advised for under 5's due to arsenic levels. Have you tried oat milk? Can she have soya yoghurt?

Grandhighpoohba Sun 29-May-11 14:47:02

Yes, giving her plenty of wet solids. I haven't been able to express anything, so that's not an option.

Have tried lots of different cups, tried water juice etc but she just won't do it. Today she has had about 20mls of rice milk.

She will eat a bit of jelly, but I'm not keen on the rubbish that is in shop bought ones. Will need to find the time to make up some from juice.

tomhardyismydh Sun 29-May-11 14:55:04

I also think she will be ok, I sometimes watered down goats milk for dd to drink. I was strongly adviced against rice milk not sure why but maybe seonas explanation is why and also cartoned soya due to hormone levels I think? was a while ago now dd is 5.

Grandhighpoohba Sun 29-May-11 15:48:45

The rice milk says suitable for under ones as an occasional part of their diet, but maybe will switch to oat milk. was advised against the soya stuff until over one, due to hormone levels.

Goat milk is not an option, apparently it still contains the proteins that she can't have (vomits like a scene out of the excorsist and gets weepy sore eczema)

Thanks for all the advice!

TruthSweet Sun 29-May-11 20:58:54

Grandhighpoohba - This explains why alternative 'milks' aren't suitable for babies.

If she won't take the prescribed milk straight, would she take it with vanilla essence or similar in it to disguise the taste (assuming she has no allergies to whats in vanilla essence!)?

If you need breast milk but can't express, may be see if the Human Milk for Human Babies organisation has a donor who is on a dairy exclusion diet like you?

tomhardyismydh Sun 29-May-11 21:43:17

DD was prescribed soya formula well into 2 years old and I was advised even then not to use cartoned soya milk. Im not sure how long they usually advice the formula for it only stopped as dd seemed to be able to tolerate cows milk after a while.

PenguinArmy Mon 30-May-11 04:37:43

DD has oat milk on her porridge and soy yogurt for dessert and then at 9 months I BF her at night.

How about from a open cup? DD drank quite a bit this way at that age.

Grandhighpoohba Wed 01-Jun-11 21:45:56

Having read the link, I'll definitely skip the rice milk! Thanks Truth

I can see that using oat milk as her sole source of milk would be a bad idea, but as she is still getting breast milk, it should be ok as a way of getting fluids into her?

kalo12 Wed 01-Jun-11 21:54:22

my ds is dairy intolerant. we use oatly with added calcium. cheapest from asda.

tommee tippee cups with lid and spout are definately the most easy for ds to use.

by the way hipp organic banana rice pudding is dairy free and very popular with ds.

he is 3 now and tolerates bits of milk in things and cheese and yoghurt but we still use oatmilk for everything and really mild cocoa.

I breastfed and worked full time at this age and supplemented with oat milk so I'm sure she will be getting enough nutrients. Howver the one thing that I was advised might be lacking from no milk was essential fats and I was advised to give fish oil 'Eskimo' brand tutti frutti flavour from good health food shop.

The other thing was goats cheese.

I have done laods of research on this and I actually think now that cows milk is very bad for all babies.

Grandhighpoohba Thu 02-Jun-11 06:56:32

Thanks for the tips kalo

They have said hopefully she will grow out of this!

Goats cheese a definite no-no, apparently it has the same proteins which she reacts to.

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