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Co sleeping

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NewChoos Sun 29-May-11 11:56:20

Can I ask how the Bf mums are managing this and if you have a specific routine?

At the moment I am just using a pillow wedged inbetween moses basket and bed so DS can't fall out but I worry about him falling into the pillow, although he sleeps with my arm underneath him and turned towards me to minimise the chance of this. My arm is starting to ache, so would appreciate any tips!

Thanks for any advice.

ballstoit Sun 29-May-11 23:00:18

I had cot wedged against the side of the bed and me the other. HTH.

mercibucket Sun 29-May-11 23:02:41

I always worried about them falling on a pillow wedged down the side or getting stuck in the gap between a cot and the bed. my solution was to put a small mattress on the floor in case they fell off but the idea being they wouldn't! they never did fall off

shuckleberryfinn Sun 29-May-11 23:05:00

she either sleeps on top of the quilt between us or between me and her moses basket, we just have that pushed up to the bed. We did the same for our son 6 years ago, I tend to sleep with my arm under the pillow facing her and my upper arm on her bum kinda. I think you just have to do it the way you feel safest.

japhrimel Sun 29-May-11 23:24:29

I have a mesh bed guard & DD sleeps in her grobag.

TruthSweet Mon 30-May-11 09:55:21

When co-sleeping the DDs always had their cot up against the bed on my side. I don't let them go in between DH & I until they are much older (9m+ and then that is only to feed not sleep due to overheating/oxygen deprivation concerns).

This is a really good leaflet on co-sleeping that might help you.

choceyes Mon 30-May-11 10:45:35

My DD starts off in a bedside cot and then comes into our bed, shortly after I go to bed. I tend to hold her bottom and curl up underneath her with my legs and we sleep on our sides mostly. When it's feeding time I shift her down to my boobs and then back up again when she's done. She is 9.5 months old. i do have the duvet level around to about her bottom.

EauRouge Mon 30-May-11 11:24:18

DD1 (2.7yo) goes to bed earlier than I do, I BF her and leave her in bed then later I go to bed with DD2 (12 wo). I have one on either side, DH sleeps where I can't hear his snoring grin

DD1 fell out of bed once onto a big pillow that I had on the floor, she didn't even wake up! I'd be more worried about using a bed guard. I have a large clear space around DD2 and we sleep in the C-position with her head resting on my arm. DD1 is on the other side of me, flopping around and fidgeting.

organiccarrotcake Mon 30-May-11 17:32:25

Our DS sleeps between me and the side of the bed with a mesh guard on the side but he is much older (11 months). Having the bed RIGHT against a wall if possible with babe between the wall and you is good, too. We used the bed guard from about 2 months old.

gordongalt Mon 30-May-11 21:52:55

we use a mesh bed guard with dd3 on a sideways pillow in a growbag so she can be at boob level but I can feel the area which is her own space as I was paranoid about rolling on her. I did same for dd1 and dd2 and it works well for us. dh sometimes complains about being on the edge of the bed but hasnt falllen out yet smile

AngelDog Mon 30-May-11 22:18:11

I used a mesh bed guard till DS started pulling up, then we put the mattress on the floor which works much better IME. DS has always been in a sleeping bag on top of the covers, but we didn't co-sleep when he was tiny.

DH usually sleeps in the spare room but DS has slept between us on a couple of occasions, but only from about a year old.

DS sleeps in our bed from his bedtime, then I join him. When he was smaller, he'd sleep in the carrycot from his bedtime, then I'd bring him in with me either at my bedtime, or from whenever he first woke after I went to bed.

HappyAsASandboy Tue 31-May-11 09:36:09

We've had several setups.

When my twins were really tiny, they slept on one side of my kingsize bed, with a mesh toddler rail along the side. I then had the other side of the bed, with a single duvet. DH in another room.

When they got to be too big to sleep side-by-side one one side of the bed, I let them have the full width and I slept across the bottom! Toddler rail down one side, cot on the other to stop them rolling out.

Having seen me across the bottom of the bed, my DH shuffled everything around for me while I was away with the babies. We now have the kingsize bed against a wall, with a single bed next to it. They have the kingsize, I have the single.

In all cases, I feed lying down on my side, moving to lie next to each baby with the correct boob lowest. I stick to one twin, one boob through the night so that neither side pops.

I put them to bed in the big bed at 7 ish. Neither of them can roll back to front yet, and I gamble that they're unlikely to master this at night, in sleeping bags, and manage enough rolls to get off the kingsize and across the single to fall on the floor. I also put the kingsize duvet over the ends of their sleeping bags (up to about their thigh level) to make it harder for them to roll (and so duvet is there for me when I'm feeding. I then get in the single bed when I go up, then shuffle between kingsize/single as and when I am feeding/wake up to move back.

I guess I don't have long before they'll be mobile enough to fall off the side/bottom of the bed. My plan would be to move the beds out and put the mattresses on the floor, but I suspect the more sensible plan would be to move them into cots (either in my room or their own). I will be so sad to end these cosleeping days though. Nothing beats waking up with two smiley babies in your bed!

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