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Newbie mom to be needs your help!

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OompaLumpa Fri 27-May-11 22:24:17

Due to have 1st DC by ELCS in a couple of weeks. Want to BF, but get to stage where DH can give bottle late evening. Im trying to get organised and have acquired or bought the following things:

- lasinoh cream
- breast pads (is one box enough?)
- bf pillow
- medala nipple shields (are u sposec to use only if nipples get cracked or do u use in a preventative way?)
- medala swing breast pump
- closer to nature bottles (assuming these are not compatible with pump?)
- bottle brush
- avent microwave steriliser

Can u see if i am missing anything or have i gone too far?
Also really confused about expressing. When can i start this as i have read differing things. And should i express in the morning when i am fuller or at time when DH with baby so i can keep up supply? Im confused!

Btw i thought i posted this oncw but cant find it so sorry if this appears as a duplicate!

Cosmosis Fri 27-May-11 22:43:19


General advice is not to offer a bottle till bfing is properly established, usually thought to be around 6 weeks.

Breast pads, some people never leak, some leak loads, I've only just stopped using breast pads and DS is nearly 9m. don't buy any more until you know how leaky you are!

Re the nipple shields, you would only use these if your nips are very sore and damaged, which hopefully won't happen if you get your latch sorted early on. Some people don't like them at all, but they can be very handy for some if you really are too sore to feed otherwise.

Not sure on the bottles and pump question, sorry - but you can get medela bags which attach on to their pumps I think.

Regarding expressing timings, I used to express from one side and feed from the other as I found I got more that way. I would do it in the morning. you will find if you miss a feed you may need to express as you will get engorged and uncomfortable without.

The other thing that you may find useful to have to hand are the helpline numbers;
National Breastfeeding Helpline
0300 100 0212
National Childbirth Trust
0300 330 0771
Breastfeeding Network
0300 100 0210
La Leche League
0845 1202918
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers
08444 122949

flowerfairy Fri 27-May-11 22:46:18

Lansinoh cream very essential, i assume you mean disposable pads? You can also buy washable which saves money. I've personally never used a bf pillow just a v-shaped one instead, nor nipple shields so can't comment. You seem to have the basics.
Once your milk kicks in you can express I think, especially as you may find yourself quite engorged to begin with so you will need to have something to store your expressed milk in. I personally found expressing in the morning easier, as was more full and after a shower would flow more easily.
I trhink to begin with you just need to take each hour/day as it comes and don't stress ( i know easily said) and be led by your baby. You'll get plenty of support on here and i know everyone points you in the direction of support from NCT/ la leche league/local breast feeding services so find out what is in your area and kellymom website.
Good luck!

Parietal Sat 28-May-11 03:44:26

Have you got breastfeeding bras & nightie & t shirts?

You seem v organised on everything else - I never had half those things.

Roxy33 Sat 28-May-11 04:46:09

Nipple shields are fantastic if your nipples become badly cracked although many on here will say not to use them as they interrupt supply. I used them when i was close to packing in breastfeeding because of the pain so definitely saved us.

We had different a brand of bottles to the pump but i just tip the expressed breastmilk into a bottle when done. I found it really useful to have a spare expressing parts so the pressure was off on the washing if i couldn't manage it.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 28-May-11 08:52:26

Think you've got more than enough, I never used half that stuff as I just couldn't express with DC1. Never needed the Lanisnoh either.

Agree with putting the helpline numbers in your phone. The other thing you could do before LO arrives is find out where your local Bfing Support Groups are and go along before LO arrives and find the numbers of any local Bfing Counsellors. Have a look here for Bfing Groups or try La Leche League, your local Surestart Centre and NCT. You will be welcome at most of the NCT groups however you choose to feed your baby. For the numbers of the Bfing Counsellors try your local NCT, ABM and LLL.

Albrecht Sat 28-May-11 09:50:18

You don't need much stuff to bf, eg I found a normal pillow better than a bf one and hand expressing easier than a pump.

But finding out about your local groups and taping the bf helpline numbers to your phone is important.

Also discuss with your partner / mum / whoever will be around a lot why bf is important to you. And know what to expect, eg some babies feed A LOT and this is normal, doesn't mean they are not getting enough. I found I learnt a lot lurking on this board. Also I wish I'd read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding before ds was born, gives you a different perspective from a lot of popular baby manuals.

Good luck!

OompaLumpa Sat 28-May-11 10:39:56

Hi all thanks for the tips and the phone numbers which i will out in my phone, def a good idea! Its funny as the further along the pg i have gone, the stronger i feel about giving bf a go. I thought i might go the other way!

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 28-May-11 15:46:22

Oompa, being as you liked the phone numbers, thought you might like this too. smile

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