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My breast fed baby is doing a strange dance whilst feeding

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Ishani Thu 26-May-11 22:51:34

It seems to involve a head stand with boob in mouth whilst jumping, he's 11 months old. This isn't the start of things to come is it ?

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 27-May-11 07:38:33

Think he could be just trying new things out. If you don't like it you could always unlatch him when he does it. And now don't think its a sign of things to come, like all things it will probably pass.

BreastmilkDoesAFabLatte Sat 28-May-11 11:02:09

DD (18mo) does this! Family and friends find it endlessly entertaining but I find it painful.

Curiously, DD started just as I found I was pregnant with DC2 and a MW suggested it may be a response to a change in milk supply levels or taste. Might it be worth you taking a test...?

yukoncher Sat 28-May-11 12:04:02

My 13 month old likes to try and breastfeed upside down and bop around. Usually it's time for him to go play at that point.
He used to squeeze the boobie as if trying to get more out, then yesterday he started hitting it.
So funny, when I look down and say 'what are you doing?' he acts as if I have no bussiness even watching him during this private matter.
They're MY boobies, boy needs to get told.

BreastmilkDoesAFabLatte Sat 28-May-11 13:51:44

<They're MY boobies, boy needs to get told.>

That's a point of contention between DD and I. She is determined that they're hers and hers alone...

Trillian42 Sat 28-May-11 19:42:24

11 month old DD has started this too! Not during the night but if I feed during the day. It's kind of cute despite the discomfort.

Ishani Sat 28-May-11 20:27:54

He is currently standing on the sofa bum in the air trying to get the boob furthest away from him and kind of shaking his head like a dog with a bOne. I was planning to stop at a year but this has sealed the deal.

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