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Tips needed...How to get EBF Baby to take a bottle at 5 months....

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emski1972 Wed 25-May-11 20:09:53

Does anyone have any tips for getting an EBF baby to take the bottle please???

I need to leave the little darling for a weekend in 5 weeks time.
So far I have tried a Medela Calm, a NUk teat and today and Avent Bottle and teat.

I have been leaving DD with my Mum and DP hoping they can get her to take a bottle, we have tried expressed milk and aptamil cartons ( I got fed up with pouring the breast milk down the sink). We have been trying a couple of times a week for about a month.

She drank from a bottle last week when she pulled the teat off (?) and so I also bought a Tommee Tippee first sips cup. I dont think it works properly as I had a go and had to suck really hard?. She will put this in her mouth however unlike a teat which she pushes away..

I did also try putting her in BFeeding position and sticking the bottle under her nose that tricked her for a min but she wouldn't have it from my Mum.

All ideas welcome!! Thanks

ilovemountains Wed 25-May-11 20:20:23

Will she take a bottle when asleep? That might be worth a try, then night be night try and rouse her a bit more.
We did this, however the breakthrough cam at around five months when we strated weaning. I think it was just getting used to having something different in the mouth,

Cosmosis Wed 25-May-11 21:11:34

Often people find it's easier if someone other than mum does it and they are out of the house/room, so that the baby isn't looking for boob instead. Also its's best to try when they're not starving hungry as they are more likely to take it if they are calm.

Try making sure some milk is on the teat of the bottle as well, so that she knows what it's for.

Alternatively you might have beeter luck with a doidy cup, some babies just don't like bottles but will take a cup.

lilham Wed 25-May-11 21:53:58

Have you tried a doidy cup? It's open and sounds more like a bottle without a teat as you described.

ladybirdlittle Thu 26-May-11 09:25:32

My lo (at 6 months) didn't get what to do with a bottle, just thought it was a new toy, so I started a breastfeed then sneakily switched to bottle after a couple of mins, so he was in sucky mode! After a few days he has got the idea without the breast to start. It is a tt closer to nature bottle. He prefers it really quite warm too. Good luck!

Tortu Thu 26-May-11 21:07:43

Hey Emski. I'm in exactly the same position. Have no advice to offer, just letting you know! My deadline is next Saturday when I'm supposed to be going to Polo in the Park- though reckon I could might stay only a couple of hours. The following weekend, though, we're supposed to be going to the theatre over his bedtime. Doh.

Let me know if you have a sudden breakthrough- I'm going to try the 'slipping him a bottle for the dreamfeed' thing again tonight, though have had no success with it the past couple of nights.

flyingheart Thu 26-May-11 21:42:35

This too is my nightmare at the moment. My dd took two and a half ounces today which is a breakthrough! Will she tomorrow though, that is the question.

Been trying on and off for a couple of months but I think letting her play with the bottle has helped - medela with aptamil. When playing just give her the teat sometimes. In front of the tv seems to help and if I appear to 'not be paying attention to her' (ho ho) she seems to be more interested in drinking. I am of course holding the bottle for her but i am not looking at her with anguish. I am sure they feel our anxiety. I know it is all good and well to let them get their hands involved around the bottle but this just seems to lead to her wanting to chew the teat so I try to position the bottle in the centre of the mouth and let her hold on to my fingers so she keeps her hands out of the way. I also let her watch me drinking out of the bottle too...the things we do hey?

Water mixed with a little apple juice was the liquid she was first interested in getting out of the bottle.

I thought breast feeding for six months was tough enough! And now we have to tackle this...

Best of luck!

fifitot Thu 26-May-11 21:48:06

My DD NEVER took a bottle. My DS has just started to take one at 10months mainly I think because he is at nursery 3 days pw and while he gets food, has to have a bottle or won't get milk. He is taking one at home now too which is a miracle as he totally refused until now.

Think you just have to persevere. I tried every combination of formula, ebm, various bottles and teats but find he will take most formula and is happy with a boring old tommee tipee bottle.

Good luck.

emski1972 Wed 08-Jun-11 20:08:15

Thanks for all the tips.

We are still at it. Persistence seems to be the key.

I left DD with my Mum today and she managed to distract her this morning enough to give her around 70ml...she wont suck the teat but will allow it in the side of her mouth although most of it seems to work its way out the side.

Anyway when I came home and fed her, then we tried the bottle again while singing a few silly worked she gaped as if going for the breast and moved her tongue in the same way, still not sucking but allowing it in her mouth rather than pushing it away and refusing to have it anywhere near her. Doidy cup in the post so we will see how that goes.
I've got three weeks to go..

Tortu how did the polo and the theatre go?

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