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stopping bf - dd nearly 2- please help!!

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blueberrysorbet Wed 25-May-11 18:56:12

hi, i love bf dd but i think its time i should stop now - i suddenly felt fed up with it today- and i need some help! ds stopped on his own at 18 months but dd shows no sign of it!

i have always done baby led bf. she wakes up about 4.30 and comes into our bed for bf. she will bf on and off all day when tired or when wanting to stop ds from getting a cuddle (i noticed this today) she has only recently and VERY reculantly started to accept a beaker of warmed milk during the day/ evening. i don;t think i have any milk now anyway. she always feeds to go to sleep.

when i sit down she is asking, and its a comfort for her- she cries so much if i say not now, and try to distract her.

how do i start? is it too soon for her? she doesn't use a dummy and i don't want to start tbh. any advice welcome!

fifitot Wed 25-May-11 19:25:28

Try 1 feed at a time. Pick the most difficult one for you and work on cutting it out. Distraction is what worked for me. However I also used to give her something to eat instead, like a little biscuit or something she liked. That usually worked.

Good luck - it's hard isn't it>

MigGril Thu 26-May-11 09:07:39

We worked on the don't offer don't refusse, method at this age but then I would also distract with a dirnk/snak or cuddle sometimes to.

You will still have milk if she's still suckling you don't dry up untill they stop and even then some women take months to stop producing milk.

blueberrysorbet Sat 28-May-11 05:46:29

thanks- i don't sit down as if i do she is on me.. if i try to distract her she screams NO and cries endlessly. she has rarely just wandered off. i still have milk as i checkedsmile

think I have to start by getting up v fast and not bf in bed, offering her a beaker, but she pushes it away

how long should all this take?

smugtandemfeeder Sat 28-May-11 06:05:25

Does she ask when you go out for the day somewhere fun? DS is three and just showing signs of stopping. I spent all day for last three weeks out at exciting places to distract her. I also managed to get him to think it was his idea to stop.

I don't think DS was ready until now and I wanted to let him self wean so I'm glad I carried on. it has been the hardest thing I have ever done but I know how anxious he is and that I did the right thing for him emotionally.

Ps a choccie button instead of a feed can work as an incentive for my son.

blueberrysorbet Sat 28-May-11 20:17:34

well, its difficult as i live in the middle east and there is no where really to go. its too hot outside. we were back in europe for a while recently and she nearly stpped(we were so busy, you are right) but now we are back and indoors so much as its so hot. i off er her water or milk in a beaker, sometimes she says ok, but if tired gets v upset. i think i will have to just distract her all day and keep her drinking water all the time., its too hot to even go for a walk with the buggy, and my ds is so tired from school he can't go out, he needs a sleep...

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