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Cheapest place to buy red dribble on bib

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Emmz0 Tue 24-May-11 10:46:00


i'm wanting to buy red dribble on bib and would have got from mothercare or sainsburys but they dont seem to stock red one, where else can i buy without paying up to £10 for product + p&p?

ihearttc Tue 24-May-11 15:09:07

I got loads of them from e-bay...there is a company called Bibz and Bobz (Im useless with links if not I'd link to them for you!) and they make them in every possible colour/pattern you can imagine. I got 3 for £10 including postage. They are really good-slightly bigger than shop bought ones but just as absorbent.

If you look up dribble bibs on there it should bring loads up.

swampster Fri 27-May-11 22:39:39

Don't do it, Emmz, they'll only send you a <<whispers>> green one. grin

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