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Dribbling a lot of milk from the bottle

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NoTeaForMe Sun 01-May-11 19:21:26


We are using Tommee tippee bottles with size 2 teats for my 6 month old. We moved up a couple of months ago when she had clearly outgrown the size 1 teats, however she is still dribbling a lot of milk when she drinks. We have to have a bib and a muslin under her chin and her tops still gets wet most of the time!! I have a friend in the same boat who is using the avent bottles so it can't be a bottle thing!! We can't put her back onto the size 1 teats as she had outgrown them but this little thing is starting to drive me insane!! According to the "guidelines" we should be moving up to the size 3 teats now......clearly we can't as we're presuming the problem is because she sucks too much milk out and she can't swallow it quick enough?! We do have some variflow teats-worth a go or will they be worse?!

Anyone else experienced this? Any advice?


sparkle101 Sun 01-May-11 20:08:41

Variflow will allow her to take it at her own speed however if you say she is taking too much to cope with at the moment the variflow may mean even more problems. I moved my (now 8mth old) DD onto variflow very early on as she was not getting enough and fell asleep feeding. I think variflow would be worth a try just to save your nerves!

The guidelines are just that though, we moved onto fast flow (recommended at 6mths) at 3mths as she wanted it so don't worry about having to do stuff when they say.

IS the milk too hot so coming out too quickly or too hot for your daughter to take. If its formula can you make it slightly thicker.... best of luck.

RitaMorgan Sun 01-May-11 20:17:23

What do you mean by outgrown the size 1 teats?

NoTeaForMe Sun 01-May-11 21:14:30


I'm not worrying about following the guidelines just pointing out that according to them she'd be moving up and actually she's nowhere near!

It is formula and it's not too hot, just warm. How would I thicken it? Is that a good idea?

Rita she was getting quite cross at the bottle as it wasn't coming out quick enough, she was sucking all the air out the teat at least 4-6 times a feed and we'd have to take it out her mouth and let it re-fill up with air. This still very occasionally happens with the size 2 teats but only every now and again!


NoTeaForMe Mon 02-May-11 07:24:17

Any ideas?

sparkle101 Mon 02-May-11 15:16:03

Could add slightly more powder than recommended to thicken it.

Silly question are you using the easy vent bottles of anti colic, if you are using the easy vent make sure the hole in the bit under the teat is under her nose, the packets don't tell you to do this but their website does. If she's getting annoyed at it not coming out quick enough I would definately change.

NoTeaForMe Mon 02-May-11 16:07:16

She's not annoyed anymore sparkle that was when we were using the size 1 teats and why we moved up. I had heard that about the little hole in the teat but it wasn't anywhere on the pack so thought I must have been dreaming, we will give that a go! I thought you weren't supposed to mess about with formula:water ratios?


sweetuphoria Tue 03-May-11 21:03:58

My DD has cow and gate carobel in her bottle to thicken it but she was prescribed this as she has silent reflux. Bear in mind if you do add anything like this to your DC's bottle it will make them constipated at first. I would ask HV tbh

narmada Tue 03-May-11 21:40:02

Has she always dribbled milk when drinking?

Has she ever been checked for a tongue-tie? Is her tongue heart-shaped at the end?That can make them dribble milk out of the corners of their mouth.

NoTeaForMe Tue 03-May-11 22:22:22

Pretty much always Narmada but I think it's worse on these teats but I guess it would be. I'll have a good look in the morning at her tongue but I don't think it is particularly heart shaped. Does that rule tongue tie out?


narmada Tue 03-May-11 22:37:40

No, could be a posterior tie which are much harder to spot. Have a look to see if her tongue ever pokes out over her bottom lip or reaches the roof of her mouth when she cries. If not, could be TT.

NoTeaForMe Wed 04-May-11 22:11:04

I'll have a good check but she can stick her tongue or at least I haven't noticed that she can't! I'll check!

Any other ideas?


narmada Wed 04-May-11 22:43:30

Have you tried the avent bottles or old-fashioned narrow-neck bottles with a long thin teat? The tommee tippee ones are really fat-based and even my BF first baby couldn't get to grips with them.

NUK used to do a nice narrow necked bottle with a teat like this: narrow teat

Might help with forming a seal.

WorrisomeHeart Thu 05-May-11 08:31:24

I would avoid messing about with the formula/water ratio. You may just have to accept that you have a messy baby - my DS is the same, some feeds he doesn't spill a drop, but others he dribbles all over the place. Find yourself some plastic backed bibs (Sainsbos and Boots do them) and then you'll be able to save on washing!

We tried various different teat sizes and brands too, and still came back to the TT ones. Oh, and my DS DID have a tongue tie that was corrected at birth, so that may have something to do with it?

NoTeaForMe Thu 05-May-11 20:54:58


I won't mess with the formula:water ratio, it doesn't seem like a good idea, but thanks.

Unfortunately I can't afford/justify buying all new bottles and teats now on the off chance that it will solve the problem, there are so many on the market when would we stop buying new ones?!

I guess we have to just see how we get on and we'll try the variflow teats for the bottles we have.

How would we have the tongue tie checked?

Thanks for all your replies and help so far!

lyn0481 Mon 06-Jun-11 17:27:09

question, have you been able to resolve this issue.. i am also having this issue with the tommee tippee. my 2 month old dribles allot and i thought it was the bottle so i bought a small 3pk of avents just to test weather it was the bottles or him. and sure enough he still dribles. then i tried the good ol' fashioned bottles (he cheaper ones) and same thing. i would hate to keep on having to buy more bottles if there could be a possible solution to our messy babies lol. advice greatly appreciated. Thx

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