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Ready to use SMA bottles and teats - query

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MelissaCeleste Tue 05-Apr-11 10:46:57

Hi all, I was wondering whether anybody knows the answer to this question....

My ds took to the SMA ready-to-use bottles and the brown NUK teats in hospital like a duck to water. It is now possible to buy these bottles in certain supermarkets - 12 to a box. But they are far from cheap.

So, I was wondering, what's stopping me from sterilising the empty bottles, bottle necks and teats and reusing them with powdered SMA formula in place of the ready milk?

Do you think this would work, i.e. are these bottles and teats sterilisable?

Any insight appreciated!

happywheezer Tue 05-Apr-11 10:50:11

yes, we did it for a time, quite useful too.

TruthSweet Tue 05-Apr-11 12:09:26

No the teats are one use only and wouldn't stand up to repeated sterilisation. You can get NUK teats in poundland though. The bottles being glass would be fine though.

MelissaCeleste Tue 05-Apr-11 14:54:11

Thanks for your replies

Truth, are the teats in Poundland the same as the hospital ones?

TruthSweet Tue 05-Apr-11 14:55:36

Really not sure but they are 3 for a £1 in our local one so it woudn't be expensive to try!

MelissaCeleste Tue 05-Apr-11 15:47:37

Ah OK, I'll look out for them, thanks!

rcassidy2017 Tue 28-Mar-17 09:21:14

The NUK disposable soft latex teats with the yellow locking rings can be bought by mail order. Message me for a link.

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