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Help with plan to aid return to work

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olliepolly Mon 15-Sep-03 17:32:29

After every feeding problem (bf) in the book with dd1 and dd2 seem to have got it sussed with ds. ds now 20 weeks and is exclusively bf never tried a bottle in his mouth yet.Going back to work 29 oct I jobshare and work sort of week on week off except that i always work on fri am and our week swaps on a wed. My vague plan was not to think about plans for feeding until mid oct is that too late?Would like to miss out bottles all together and go on to cup,Which?Expressing at work last time was a hassle ,I do have a good pump but have actually enjoyed not having to use it this time.
Would like to feed am and pm on working days and could feed more on days off. Not sure whether to let nanny give formula as drink mid am and mid pm, and cant decide when to start solids . Both dd1 and dd2 went on to solids at week 12 but decided to give leaving it longer a whirl this time ,and feel quite proud of myself. Having had such mixed feelings about feeding,bf, before have finally succeeded with no 3,if you had said to me i would sit on a bench at the eden project feeding while the queue to get in snaked past I would have said in the past, no way ,but I did it.
Can you experts out there give me some advice,thanks.

codswallop Mon 15-Sep-03 18:28:49

MIne is 6 months and feeds am and pm and once in t he afternoon. He will drink from a tomee tipee but likes water really. I am sure he could miss the afternoon feed realy if pushed..Presume you will put him on solids? this would diminish his appetite for milk and make it easier but am sure someone will disagree..
hope that helps.

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