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Anyone used Medela Calma?

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aPixieMomma Sat 26-Feb-11 14:29:22

And did it work for you?

I have tried all the regular bottles with my EBF baby and then have persevered with just one type (tommee tippee) but he just will not take the bottle.

I've seen these medela one's but they're quite expensive so wanted to get some honest reviews before I purchase.

I'm exhausted, I just need him to take one bottle of EBM a day/night so I can have a break.

Lynzjam Sat 26-Feb-11 16:51:12

I like using it for my DD. She is 5 months but has never had a problem taking EBM from a bottle.

It's great that it doesn't have a constant spray of milk like normal bottles but there are more bits to wash when you take it apart.

Hope you get the break you need!

chipmonkey Sat 26-Feb-11 17:39:37

Pixie did you see this review here

Her previous 2 boys wouldn't take a bottle and her 3rd little guy took the Calma at 10 weeks.

If I were you, though, I would wait a little while before trying again. It could be he has taken against bottles altogether and might need a while to forget about bottles. It does look like a good one to try though.

japhrimel Sat 26-Feb-11 17:51:16

We used it for a while when giving our DD top-ups early on and it was fine. Fwiw the teat is quite hard and long.

Thandeka Sat 26-Feb-11 18:21:18

have you tried breastflow bottles?

aPixieMomma Sat 26-Feb-11 21:46:39

Thank you all.

That review does look promising.

Ds2 is just over 5months now. Dp is going to try once more tonight with the bottle and if nothing happens I will leave it until dp is home again next weekend.

I haven't tried the Breastflow bottles but they look very similar and cheaper too so maybe worth a bash.

SingaporeMummy Sun 27-Feb-11 12:51:15

They are great, got a friend to bring over from the UK for me and DS took a bottle no probs at 4 weeks and although we don't use a bottle very often, every time we've needed to he's drunk it all calmly and with ease. Then been straight back to breast when needed to, so the calma teat is fab IMO...

balletmoo Fri 04-Mar-11 21:06:21

I used them for my DS. He was born 6 weeks prem and wouldn't breastfeed from me. As I wanted to establish BF at a later date, I did a lot of research and went for the Calma, feeding with with EBM.

I have to say, I found them brilliant. DS had no problem finally transferring to BF at 8 weeks, and I have used them ever since to do the odd feed of EBM. There was no confusion between breast and bottle.

Fab fab teat.

moonbeamrider Sat 05-Mar-11 09:29:27

Did it take several attempts to get your babies to accept the bottle? My DS is 4 months old. I have only tried on 4 occasions to get him to take the bottle....first 3 times with Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature and this morning with Calma. He will take the teat in his mouth, but plays with it rather than sucking. I don't want to make it a massive issue - but I just want to make it to one exercise class once a week!

HKM2B Wed 08-Jun-11 12:27:53

Just a quick (related) question (sorry to hijack your thread, aPixieMomma)...

I have rather over-active let down and my 3 week old bubba gets sprayed with my milk/begins chocking rather frequently. We've used expressed milk with the Tommee Tippees on occasions (DH feeding when I've needed a rest) but will switching to the Medela Calma be more confusing for bubba as it'll be more hard work than my own boobies...? I just don't want nipple confusion to start as although it's not a problem now I've heard/read on these forums that it can start later anyway...

Any comments gratefully received.

cocoachannel Wed 08-Jun-11 12:35:43

It didn't work for us, I'm afraid...

In the end it was Breastflow bottles that ended the bottle refusal with DD, after weeks of trying.

cocoachannel Wed 08-Jun-11 12:41:35

Sorry- should add that the Breastflow bottles weren't an instant fix. It took a few days of persevering for her to take them.

loomer Sat 05-Nov-11 10:59:03

Hijacking the thread again - I am going to try my 6wo DD with the Calma today or tomorrow, in anticipation of DH being able to give one feed each day. However I'm wondering how he will test the temperature of the milk before feeding, given that it won't come out of the bottle until the baby has started sucking and created a vacuum? Am I being a bit dense? Most 'normal' bottles he would just shake the milk out of the teat and onto his arm to check... can't see how he's going to manage it with this one though?

loomer Mon 07-Nov-11 16:10:31

bump - any suggestions?

Loika Mon 07-Nov-11 20:41:06

I have one, that I ordered in anticipation of expressing occationally whilst BF! Wehave used it 4 times probably but thats lack of effort to express (easier just to get boob out!) but DD has taken to it very well. It is rather longer than the conventional teat so you just have to take care not to put it too far in to start with, 'cause my LO gagged! Otherwise it worked really well.
The main advantage is not having to buy teats with bigger holes as baby gets older if you start using it with a younger baby. Disadvantages were you can't squeeze out a bit to check the temperature or entice baby to suck initally so we always left in the warm water for 15minutes and this seemed to do the trick. This is all I have noticed in the few times we have tried it.

The pediatrian in hospital said she didn't consider nipple confusion to be such a problem and normal teats are ok. I have heard the issue cited a few times but not actually read anything about someone to whom this has happened. Is this just an educated guess or is there evidence to support the claim? Not worried just curious!

TheSecretCervix Mon 07-Nov-11 23:59:21

This was the first bottle I tried with my LO at 6 weeks old. I bought it as I didn't want a bottle that would just tip the milk down his throat, however I think the reverse happened and he found it too hard. After several weeks of trying him with it and him being in total melt down I tried an Avent bottle that came free with my steriliser, he cried a bit at the beginning but then was fine and has been ever since (touch wood!) Was glad he took it but also a bit grrr that I'd spent £30 on two of these bottles only to find that one I had for free worked better!smile
HKM2B I also have a fast flow and I think this contributed to his dislike of it as he had to work harder with the bottle than on the breast. I also think that the fact I couldn't squeeze a little taster of the milk into his mouth made it more difficult to encourage him to take.
I also found it impossible to put together without handling the teat and like loomer could only test temp by touching the outside of the bottle, which doesn't seem that accurate.

I guess every baby is different, so is a case of 'suck it and see' - excuse the pun! wink

shuckleberryfinn Tue 08-Nov-11 10:19:32

I bought one and loved it- for a while. From about 5 months shes a total refuser, well not total, she'll take enough to slake her thirst and then wait for the real thing.

Just wanted to add that I used to dip the teat in the milk before screwing it on, this solved the taster problem.

CaseyE Mon 01-Jun-15 09:34:32

I am using the Calma teat to try improve my DS's latch...he was tt and is now 8 w old and gets very frustrated at the breast as he cannot suckle efficiently on the breast. He sucks well on the Calma teat ( maybe too well as the flow can get quite fast ) and it did take him a few attempts to perfect it. Anyone else help their babe bf using this teat? I am trying to encourage him to bring his tongue forward and his bottom lip to flange outward. I am hoping it's not too late! Also for those wondering how to get some milk out of the Calma teat to entice baby to suck, try blocking the teat hole entirely and squeeze the teat just above your finger a couple of times. This creates a vacuum and allows the milk to flow.

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